Will the Virtuix Omni track your jumping?

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It says in the FAQ that "Besides walking, the Omni allows for running, jumping, crouching and strafing (sideways stepping)". How will it track your jumping, crouching and strafing? Will there be sensors somewhere?
It doesn't seem like it will from the design so I am asking this question on how it will track jumping. Will there be built-in sensors in the shoes to track your movements, too? Also, will you use the wireless controller to pause and control things that the Omni can't control?


  • The Omni software will support it and it is possible to jump in the omni. From what i understand it will not actually track you other then walking and running. But the software will support it. So if you have the kinect then yes you could jump. If not then it would only track your walking and jumping.
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  • Okay I have a kinect with an Xbox 360 but it feels somewhat inconvenient to have my kinect tracking my jumping. Where would you have to put the kinect when using it to track jumping?
  • In front of the omni within range. so for me i would put it in front the omni on my desk in front of my monitor.
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  • Well okay but It wouldn't be in front of my monitor; it would be somewhere like on a separate table but still a distance where the kinect can be connected to computer and in front of my omni where it can track my motion.
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    No need for the kinect guys, the trackers will (most probably) be in the shoes, when both feet will leave the ground the software will know it and properly jump.

    This is just PURE speculation but I think the Omni will get a STEM pack per feet for extremely precise tracking. There's a video out there of sixense's STEM pack being used on each feet and it's jaw dropping-ly amazing!
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    Always had high hopes the the Omni will use STEM trackers, especially if the Sixense wireless receiver base is integrated into the Omni.

    But Virtuix has said they have yet to finalize the tracking hardware. As far as I know they have been approached by several third parties. Although I would be very surprised if Sixense is not one of them.
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    Some more information just got released on the Sixense STEM system: http://sixense.com/wireless

    It looks quite different from previous renderings. It appears much more suited for integration with other peripherals, than simply a stand alone system.

    Could definitely see those integrated into an Omni shoe.
  • @Raoul

    I have been aware of the STEM and i must say its awesome. Though some might not be able to get that right off the bat so i just happened to mention the kinect. Though honestly if you can get the STEM i would suggest that. I know when i get the cash i am backing the kickstarter for sure. I couldn't back the omni as i didn't have the cash but i know have a job so yea i am going to back the STEM now that i can.

    But yea big stuff if finally happening!!! (well i mean its been happening i just like knowing whats going on with the stuff i am waiting on. Like everyone else i am sure)
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