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Hi guys.

So today I was playing Pump it up with a DIY dance mat, but being 3AM as it is I was using my headphones. There was no first. But as long as I kept playing I was getting sweatier and my headphones started to get warm and wet...well, you get the picture.

My question was: Did you have any of this difficulties while playing prolonged lapses of time? I can only see this getting extra-"bothering" if we have to add the Oculus Rift to this equation.
However I can see this being "solved" by using in-ear headphones or exercise headphones (better if they are wireless).

Then, I also thought that most people do not know how important it is stretching after physical activity. I thought you could put something about it in the disclaimer (without being responsible about people getting hurt by stretching). But, then again, I'm not a pro and I could be wrong. It's just a heads up.


  • This is an advantage of the omni, not a problem :)

    But, yes, stretching before and after are critical - especially ankle stretches given the ergonomics of this things.

    Ideally, a big sticker will be placed on the Omni itself stressing this.
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    Hi ryusuiki, I had some long sessions on the Omni at eurogamer and I definitely worked up a sweat! I recommend wearing light, breathable clothing, preferably something that wicks sweat away. Funnily enough I didn't experience any problem with the Rift, no irritation or overheating. I only noticed how sweaty my face was after I took it off. Wasn't playing with headphones so I can't answer to that. Other things you can do - open a window, use anti-perspirant, talc, or set up an electric fan. Keep wet-wipes and water/energy drinks within reach.

    I did some light stretches before I got on, but your legs and ankles don't seem to be under as much stress as they are when running on a hard resistant surface. You can probably get away with not doing it. Stretching after didn't feel necessary. The effect of a long session was more a slight wobbly sensation you might have after swimming than a tightening of muscles you get after road running. I second your recommendation for warm ups/downs and stretches in the guidelines anyway, just to be on the safe side.
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    Well I've never used the rift before, but I was thinking about how markiplier is sweating in his oculus rift videos. Yes he is sweating, but he didn't seem to care. It's just one of those things that you wouldn't normally think about while in game. You're probably so focused on the game that nothing else matters. Now you might notice it after a while, but think of it this way; VR is supposed to make you think that what's happening is real. So in real life, would you care that your face is sweaty. you're running away from Slenderman, you're not thinking of whether or not you left the water on. You're thinking "AAAAHHHH!"
  • @DrDerpz‌ - yes - you can definitely work up a sweat on the Omni. It is a brave new game design world out there, now that we have to consider the physical effects of our games. Here is a link to one of the solutions to sweating in the Rift. There will be an opportunity for some entrepreneur out there to build a VR headset that is well suited for active VR experiences. Thanks for posting!
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