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Hi guys,

i just came across this video and was a bit suprised when he talked about the tracking that will be used in the omni.
Seems like they are going to use capacitive sensing in the base, similar to touchscreens used in smartphones or tablets.

Sounds like a good solution altough I don't have enough knowledge to be able to say what's really possible and what's not.
(the part starts at 1:40 if the link doesn't work)

I'm sorry if someone posted this already, but at least I never read or heard anything concrete about the tracking used in the omni.

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    Jan confirmed the Omni would use capacitive tracking a few weeks ago on the Kickstarter page. It's briefly been discussed in a few threads, but without further details from Virtuix there is not much to talk about.

    The good thing about capacitative tracking is that it's really fast so latency should not be an issue. The obvious downside is that it can only track your feet on a 2D plane. As soon as you lift your foot it will likely lose track of it.

    Personally I am also a bit sceptical about the durability of these types of sensors, if it is exactly the same technology used for touch pads or screens. But capacitative tracking can work in many different ways. So I'll keep an open mind until further information is released.

    EDIT: Just watched the beginning of the video, and something that I did not now yet is the March release date for the Kickstarter orders. Although I did suspect they might be running late and March was listed on their own pre-order site, I still had some hope the Kickstarter orders would ship in January as originally planned.
  • Hi,

    I just saw this video of a set 3-space inertial sensors created by YEI Technology. This i think would fix the tracking issue better than captive tracking. But I am by no means an expert, just thought it could work. Here's a link to the video:

    after watching this video I immediately thought of wearing this on the omni with the oculus and playing an MMORPG like in The anime Sword Art Online. This got me exited and I thought I should you in on this idea maybe I'm not the first. Hope you consider this.
  • Hiya Odwatto,

    Yes, PrioVR has been mentioned here, mainly as an alternative to the STEM system. I doubt that YEI would be willing to offer their technology at a price that would enable Jan and the rest of the Virtuix team the ability to keep the Omni at it's current price. Also, one of my worries is the possibility of losing a sensor! Granted, YEI is planning on offering numerous sensors for even their most basic of packages, I believe Virtuix is mainly trying to stay focused on the "Walking" aspect of VR (at least at this time).
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