The Omni for Cardio? CONFIRMED!

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I just finished Half Life VR for the Rift (v. 1.2), with my Razer Hydra controllers configured for body and weapons tracking, and a Playstation Move Navigation Controller configured for leg movement.

While the body tracking is fantastic - physically ducking behind obstacles, peeking and shooting around corners, and kneeling to crawl through air ducts - the weapon control is damn near perfect. From extending your arm out in front of you, to twisting your wrist in every degree. You can even flip your weapon over your shoulder and shoot behind you... all in perfect 1:1. Even the crossbow is designed for you to physically hold up to your eye and lean in to view down the scope. It's beautiful.

And with most of my body so completely engaged, I found that the impulse to use my legs (whenever I wanted to walk/run) was almost uncontrollable.

Not only am I convinced that the Omni will be a success, I'm convinced that regular treadmills will simply not exist in the future.

That said, I'd like to compile a list of games ideal for a cardio workout. Games that keep you running throughout. Or at least for 10 to 20 minutes at a time.

I thought zombie games would be perfect. But watching the Left 4 Dead 2 video, it seems less about you the player running, and more about the zombies running toward you while you stand and shoot them down. COD Black Ops 2 looks like there's more continuous running throughout the game.

What games do you guys think would be best for cardio?


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    Two games I'm looking forward to losing some weight with is ARMA 3 and Mirrors Edge. Full missions in ARMA will be like running a marathon. While Mirror Edge should provide great 10-15 min all out sprints per level.
  • Skyrim without fast-travel...... can't imagine a bigger, better universe to go on a daily jog.

    Oh hang on..... yes I can..... Elder Scrolls Online! :D
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    I caved into temptation and bought Skyrim on Steam sale. It's a great game, but would be so much better using the Omni. You should get an achievement just for running up some of the mountains!
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    sutekiB wrote:
    I caved into temptation and bought Skyrim on Steam sale. It's a great game, but would be so much better using the Omni. You should get an achievement just for running up some of the mountains!

    Which drivers do you use to convert Skyrim to your Rift? VorpX? Vireio? TriDef?
  • A knowledgeable friend of mine tells me Skyrim is best played with Vorpx, and he had to do a lot of tweaking - for example, Shadows need to be "High" or else there is tearing and artifacts... apparently there's lots of settings like that where bumping it up or down one level can actually kill the experience.

    Can;t answer from personal experience... I'm still waiting for my Rift to arrive in the post :roll:
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    I will stream my journey across Skyrim when I get my omni, it should be one helluva workout. No horses, no fast travel, from Markarth to Solitude, to Winterhold to Riften and back to Markarth. It should be a terrible day, and I may end up crying. But I'll do it haha.
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    Welcome to the forum KS93! Oh yes - as a VR Jedi, you are obliged to stream all of your Omni adventures! :lol: I look forward to it.

    @lipplog sorry I must have missed your question. I also don't have a Rift yet. Waiting for news on DK2.
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    sutekiB wrote:
    Waiting for news on DK2.

    I too am waiting on that info too before I decide to get the DK2 or CV :/ while also waiting for my Omni/STEM get sent out :D
  • The good news here is that we are starting to test the Omni without an HMD. We just did a walk through of Nevermind. So, while the next version of the Rift may not be out before the Omni, you will still be able to enjoy using the Omni for various games on a big screen.

    We also have a new game designer focused on creating some interesting new Omni experiences for the big screen. Can you imagine Flappy Birds on the Omni? Instead of just tapping your screen you had to control your speed so that your Flappy Bird could make it through the obstacle? That would be fun :)

    Nevermind incorporates a heart rate monitor, but it's not for fitness. They use it to check your stress level in order to adjust the intensity of the game.
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    Kickstarter backer here, Im working on building a running track in minecraft creative mode that i plan on using when it arrives
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    I've been playing GTA San Andreas a lot on the Rift, and am convinced it will be phenomenal with the Omni. Especially since the keystroke for running on foot is the same as accelerating your vehicles.
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    its going to be interesting to try it with the omni while wearing a pedometer to see just how much traveling we all do in game
  • @RABID - I think your right. Pedometer functionality will be interesting. The Omni SDK will soon expose this sort of information to developers so that they will be able to build this into their games and applications.
  • How could I configure razer hydra controllers like you did. I'Ve just ordered my HMD and I'm wondering if hydra and ps move would be worth. How could one configure this stuff?
  • Skyrim using Omni would be a real blast and a follow up Skyrim game s would also be a match made in heaven, particularly with STEM or some other type controller.
    However shall we get a kitty together to raise enough cash to hire another couple of voice actors on Bestheda's behalf? The guy who usually does all the voices for them must be creatively jaded by now..
  • @Rabid Get ready to run across maps in Battlefield!
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