Where are you going to send all Omnis from?

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Thanks for Update#17. From the photo, we can see Jan and David are at railway station in Guangdong Province, P.R.China. And nice to know the production will be done in China.

Well, I would like to know whether all Omnis are going be sent out from China. I need to ask this because I have more than one addresses, and one of these addresses is in China. If you directly send my Pledge from a China address to a China address, I would save too much money for shipping as well as too much time for shipping...like Oculus Rift that has been sent out from China as well.

I have an American address as well, but honestly I do not want to use it after I see the photo of Jan and David in China. Please let me know the answer.

Thanks again.


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    Hi Leon, we can certainly ship your Omni directly to your China address - that would likely be cheaper, indeed. Feel free to contact us close to shipping to compare costs, so we can then make a decision. Thanks for your support!

  • Thanks for the reply. Then I can use my address in China when you guys begin to confirm shipping addresses with us. :D
  • Will the "decision process" about shipping occur automatically for all non-US customers? Or is it recommended that all International orders contact you somewhere around March-April?

    I've just pre-ordered an Omni (so so so excited!) to be delivered to Australia. I'd imagine that shipping from Asia will be cheaper than shipping from the US.

    Just a thought - might possibly save you a lot of customer correspondence if you initiated a discussion about shipping direct from China for all non-US. Of course, if that's a logistical nightmare, then I take it back - whatever method gets me into some Virtual Locomotion quickest is my number 1 priority lol!
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    Hi Hairboy. I think the best route is selected for you. I'm surmising here, but I think Jan meant they'd decide whether Leon wanted it sent to his Chinese or American address based on the difference in delivery costs and shipping time. If you have dwellings in more than one country and you want clarification on which is right for you (there may be a chart you can go by negating the need for this) then you can always email the team. Otherwise I expect all you'll have to do is answer the survey that's sent out when the Omnis are ready that collects your delivery address. I imagine the most direct shipping route is then used by default, so it may well come to you straight from Asia. Hope that helps!
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