Adding sensors into the belt/support ring

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An idea definitely worth considering putting into the omni (even if DIY), would be a sensor in the rings. The idea would be that the harder / faster you lean into the support ring, the faster you move in that direction in world.

This way that start moving immediately rather than waiting for your feet to land. Might also be cheaper to do.

You also wouldn't need capacitive shoes, which are starting to seem like some kind of cash grab. (Kind of like those apple power cables)

The downside (upside?) is that you could move without using your feet, just lean hard in the direction you want to go. THis may or may not be immersion breaking.


  • Simply for the sake of immersion, I can see the lack of foot tracking being an issue. However, I do see this as a way to combat fatigue after a long period of gaming/helping those that are out of shape take a short break so as to catch their breath and keep going.

    As an alternative, if the Rift doesn't have positional head tracking (which I must say seems doubtful), the sensors in the belt could help with tracking the way that the body is leaning.....
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  • Hi,

    This is actually my first time replying on this forum, but I would like to say your question is a good one.

    We have actually given thought to instrumenting the upper structure as well as the harness. Unfortunately there are a couple caveats to instrumenting the harness. First, the harness handles a great deal of pressure and stress when running and jumping at full speed. This stress on the harness creates a negative environment for sensitive electronics. Secondly, the electronics would need to be wireless since the harness is not attached to the upper structure. We could instrument the harness, yet the instrumentation would increase the price of the Omni drastically.

    The shoes are a passive device that allow you to walk naturally on the Omni. The capacitive nature the shoes have is the same that you hand possess. The sensors on the base will track movement of any part of your body along the base.
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    An engineer at Valve recently released a video of him transforming a bathroom scale and an Xbox gamepad into something that works along these lines.

    Personally I don't really see it adding much beyond what SuprM4n said. Don't see it working as a replacement for the capacitive tracking.

    Your comment on the capacitive shoes seems a little misguided. The sensors are mounted on the base of the OMNI so it does not add to the cost of the shoes. At most there might have to be a capacitive material added to the sole.

    Specialized shoes are required to provide the low friction and lateral support which is an integral part of the OMNI design. Personally I find $50 for a pair of specialized shoes like that to be pretty fair.
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    This is actually my first time replying on this forum

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  • Interesting points, OM, still I wonder if there is a way to put capacitive pads in the upper ring and then have the harness draw capacitance from the body there.

    Anyways I think the way this will probably end up is people will put those furniture moving pads on their shoes and use an iphone / android app in their pocket for anyone who doesn't have the right shoe size.

    Forking out another 300+ bux or so to cover all your friends seems a bit crazy. Plus it'll be prohibitive for teens who's shoe sizes are changing frequently.
  • One of the major goal right now for the Virtuix R&D team is universal clip on system for the user's shoes. Unfortunately, designing a clip on system that can fit everyone's shoe type and foot size while also giving the user a natural gait at full speed runs is very difficult. Many clip on systems are not as safe as an actual shoes because they tend to fall off at high speed/stress situations.

    Nevertheless, it is an important and necessary goal that we are striving to achieve. Until Virtuix solves this puzzle, We are giving the customer a full proof system that guarantees safety as well as full capability while using the Omni.
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