It's possible to seat "on the ground" in Omni?

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It's a good idea for MMORPGs!


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    Hi caduroxbr, it's not possible to sit on the base of the Omni when you're using the support. This is not a problem as most games that involve walking or running don't have the character sitting very much. That's because once immobile there's usually not much for the player to do. There are exceptions of course, like GTA where there is a more even balance between on foot and automotive locomotion. These seated in-game segments do not break immersion with the Omni as much as running segments break immersion without the Omni. This is mainly because - to take driving for example - in both cases your legs aren't moving, but when your character is running and your legs aren't this is unsettling for most people in VR, it breaks the illusion and spoils the experience. Sitting can be activated by pressing a button on your controller. I don't think I'm going to miss the feeling of 'getting into and out of a car' because to be honest I don't enjoy that part.

    Systems that provide both secure support and allow you to crouch appear to be larger, heavier and more expensive, but as the Omni's tracking will be in the base, and there are no electronics in the support structure, there is no impediment to substituting it with one that has both features if you so desire. I would not be surprised if Virtuix considered offering such a modified support in the future if there was sufficient demand.
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