Details emerge about the Oculus Rift consumer version

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For those interested there is a great article that just came out on Wired about all the latest developments surrounding the Oculus Rift. Some of the best news is that OLED seems to be the prime candidate for use in the consumer version. :D

It talks in detail about the steps Oculus is taking to reduce latency to prevent the user feeling nausea. As well as summarizing the latest investment news.


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    Good read, thanks Raoul!
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  • Please someone send me a link to where I can pre order the oculus rift consumer version for the omni, or are there better vr head sets than oculus rift? Thank you
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    Cannot provide a link until they open up preorders, but once they do your best bet would be to go to
  • There are cheaper options out there such as the Merge VR and a variety of others that normally use your mobile phones a screen. Most others are not commercially available and probably won't be until next year.
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