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I paid for an Omni when the kickstarter was up, when are they estimated to ship?

Also, I don't remember if I was asked to input my address at any point, has that taken place yet?

If so, I recently moved and so would have to change my listred address, where would I do that?

Sorry I've just not been following the omni news, pretty much forgot about it.


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    The pre-orders have an estimated delivery of May, I think backers might be getting theirs sooner (barring delays), but I don't know exactly when.

    There was a survey for the T-shirts and posters but there will be another one for the Omni and Mini Omni. No need to do anything yet Andrew. Have a happy holiday :)
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  • So production theoretically starts in Q4'2014. Does this mean that Kickstarter backers are likely to see their orders in Q1'2015?
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    @badhras I'm not sure if Q1 '15 is more or less likely than Q4 this year, but given the complexities of manufacturing I'd say that's possible. Delivery is still listed on the website as Q4 for Kickstarter backers. I recommend checking for updates which tend to come at the end of each month.
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  • @Badhras Are you receiving our updates/newsletters? I can definitely add you on the list if not or you can subscribe here:
  • i'm not a backer but did preoder the omni. ill subscribe just in case. when is the next update?
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    @chaoticbenz should be soon - they're normally around the end of each month.
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  • I ordered mine via Kickstarter. It has taken longer than thought which is OK - the better the product is - that's great for all of us, but you/me start to get the feeling that they lost/forgot about you/me. Has anyone received one yet? I just want to know if I need to dig out my original order email and contact support.
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    Chonston, nobody has received his order yet, as the product is now in production.

    Virtuix announced that Kickstarter backers would receive their orders first, in the first quarter 2015 (in the next 2 or 3 month).

    So, yes, the end of the wait is near ! :)
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