Why Is Virtuix Demoing Half Life 2 vs Half-Life VR?

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Every review I've seen demoing the Omni with Half-Life 2 has the same complaint: Aiming based on where you turn your head (using the Oculus) rather than where you point your plastic gun, makes you incredibly nauseous and significantly diminishes your sense of immersion.

Which means Virtuix is demoing the Omni with Valve's inferior VR version of Half Life 2, where aiming your gun is controlled by your Rift POV, instead of the far superior Half-Life VR mod, which beautifully separates your Rift's POV from your gun, and reassigns it with amazing 1:1 accuracy to a Razer Hydra controller. A breakthrough that drastically diminishes nausea, and significantly increases your sense of immersion.

So why isn't Virtuix demonstrating the Omni with Half-Life VR? Are they worried players will get tangled in the Hydra's cables? If they can keep the Rift cable out of the way (suspended from above?) why not the Hydra cables? Or maybe there's some interference between the Omni sensors and the Hydra's magnetic base?

Anyone know?


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