Shoes in wide?

I'm super excited about the Omni, but I have a potential issue. I have a wide and notoriously hard to fit foot. Will Omni be offering shoes in wides and narrows for those of us who need them?


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    Hi @RainbowPI, welcome to the forum! I don't know of any plan to offer wides/narrows. You may find that as the shoes are so comfortable and flexible, this isn't necessary. If you should have any problems though, be sure to contact Virtuix.
    Community Manager at Virtuix
  • The FAQ from the kickstarter:

    What do I do if I have specific shoe needs?

    In case you have specific shoe needs, please let us know – we will work with you to get you set up appropriately.
    Last updated: Tue, Jun 4 2013 6:12 AM CDT
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