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Hi everyone,

We're currently in the process of selecting some games to demo with the Omni and would love your input. Please keep in mind that although the Omni may be compatible with your suggested game, it might not be with the Oculus Rift. You can refer to the VorpX, Vireio, and TriDef 3D supported game list here: http://www.vorpx.com/supported-games/ http://vire.io/games/ http://www.tridef.com/user-guide/supported-games

Please keep this thread updated with any games you have in mind whether they are new, old or not yet released as we can keep an eye out for any future support. Feel free to check out our YouTube channel prior to submitting your suggestion as we have many demos already uploaded there: http://www.youtube.com/user/VirtuixOmni/videos




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    Hi ModMan, how about Dishonored? :)
    Community Manager at Virtuix
  • Hay guys, how about half-life 2 with this VR mod, it would be really cool: http://vrmods.wordpress.com/
    A very simple, but very good game that requires full body awareness, Crashlands: http://llyrie.blogspot.co.uk/p/crashland.html
    A cover base shooter game: https://developer.oculusvr.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=2915
    This game is very interesting, you play a blind person and use sound to see your way, not a 100% curtain on rift compatibility, but I think it has it: http://www.teampixelpi.com/
    VR dead space like game in development: http://www.ghostshipaftermath.com/
    those are my ideas so far
  • Arma 3 ... It has to be .. the ted talks talk about taking it simulation to the next level and whilst its all well and good running it on COD, Having Military Grade software IS actually taking it to the next level.
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    My vote is for "not a FPS". Thank you.
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  • Half life with vr mod is the perfect example of virtual reality!!!
    Just look :s :s :D
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    Certainly the first three suggested by @zZBenjaminZz‌ (Although you've done Half Life VR before, it'd be cool to see it again.)

    I would add Zombies on the Holodeck to the list as well. An old demo can be found here: http://www.projectholodeck.com/zombies-on-the-holodeck

    Ideally however if you got in touch with Survios aka Project Holodeck, it would be really awesome if you could demo the updated versions and games shown off in the stem kickstarter here:

    Oh, and Dreadhalls (non-Hydra)... this game scared the socks off me when I played, it's really well done. Not just relying on jump scares. (Don't display spoilers though :) )
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    Rust : survival game with omni can be so cool
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    I would so love a yugioh game, that would just be the icing on the cake for me to get this or pokemon x or y.
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    There are many great games out there to try though I'd prefer to see something different rather than fps.

    Something that involves the omni and some body awareness rather than run and gun.

    What about horror like grave? Or spectre VR? Or something like lost in the rift?

    If it was to be fps then I'd go for something new, as in not done yet.

    Actually why not look at no room in hell? It's source engine, it has VR support and it's got zombies...what more do you want?
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    I would like full support og Biochock 1 + 2, Chivalry, Postal 2, Metro 2033+ Last Night, Dark messhia, Rust, Skyrim and Fallout 4 (Not yet release )
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    Sorry it should have been "No More Room in Hell". Was traveling on the metro and posting from my phone at the time. Here is the link


    and on steam


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    TESO is perfect for VR with the omni!
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    @sanse‌ When I last tried TESO (Beta) you could get the screen to warp to fit the oculus rift but I couldn't get Tridef or Virieo to create a 3D effect (I guess due to the way the game works), I doubt anything has changed since. If someone does manage to generate the 3D effect in the rift though I agree it would be awesome with the Omni.
  • Hello fellow VR fanatics,

    I am looking forward to playing more exploration games on the Omni. Games like FarCry and Skyrim, with a sandbox environments, have been my favorite to play on the Omni. I'm counting down the days until Rust has Oculus Rift support. Dear Esther is on our short list of games to demonstrate as well.

    Simulation games also take full advantage of virtual reality. Playing ARMA III has you feeling like you're on the battlefield and going around worlds in Second Life was an amazing experience.

    Thank you for your suggestions!
  • @Kijutsu‌ - what "not a FPS" experience would you like to see?
    @shayologo‌ - I'm all up for a survival game. On the Omni it will totally be a survival of the fitest :smiley: We'll have to figure out a good setup that we can use for building stuff...
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    I'm thinking of trying out Portal 2 and Bioshock 2 on the Omni, as well as Dear Esther. Also some of these look like they might be fun on the Omni: http://wearvr.com/#
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    Personally, I would highly recommend "Killing Floor"; I've sunk over 300+ hours into the game without being even remotely bored, and it offers a really unique zombie fps experience. The game should be supported due to its engine, here's a link to the store page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/1250/ . Game play:
  • Why is Mirrors Edge not in the list?! That's the main reason I'm getting this!
    (It is VorpX and Vireio compatable as well if that helps)
  • Can you try playing FFXIV with Omni ? I would really like to see the extend of the device. Walking, running, moving side ways and how it feels fighting in the game on the device
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    Oh my god, I would soil my shorts if I played slender on this thing!
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    Thanks for the great suggestions guys! We're currently finishing up our CS:GO demo and will be checking back in here to see which game to do next. We actually ended up using TriDef 3D with the Oculus Rift plugin to get it working for Counterstrike. I've added the list of TriDef's supported games in my first post.
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    I know I'm behind the ball , but I just saw the videos and realized I could make a great challenge: make Assassin's Creed IV realistic with this plus oculus rift, and I might have to get one! Challenge Accepted?
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    Hey guys, our CS:GO video is now live on our YouTube channel!

    We'll be taking a look at some of the suggested games for our next demo, stay tuned!
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    Thanks again for all of the suggestions, we are moving away from the first person shooters for our next demo. We plan on trying out the Elder Scrolls online today and can hopefully get it up and running smoothly for our next demo. We have a few other games in mind as well in case we can't get this to work properly. Has anyone used the OR with TESO?
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    @15herdlu great suggestion! Assassins Creed would be awesome in VR, We're busily improving our technology for the Omni to make it an even better experience, We'll probably queue this one up in a couple months :)
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    I tried TESO with the Rift and couldn't get a 3D effect (see my previous post in this thread). Tridef just gave me a massive wraparound 2D screen inches from my face which imo was really uncomfortable. If someone's got it going in proper 3D though that'd be cool.
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    I believe we had a similar issue when we attempted CS:GO for the first time so we may need additional plugin(s)

    Going to look more into it today and see if we can get it working.
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