ANTVR KIT - wireless 1080p VR glasses with a Motion Gun - What do you need an Oculus Rift for???

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ANTVR KIT: All-IN-ONE Universal Virtual Reality Kit

Crystal clear VR gaming & viewing experience. Universal transformable controller. Plug-and-play. Compatible with all games & movies!


Roller Coaster

Oculus Rift company is a piece of s**t! They misleading customers to pay more on shipping.


  • Looks like cool tech, I hope they are able to deliver
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    Lets see, look at this: starting from page 4
    Also this page:
    And also watch this video:

    I think we can safely say that your bad mouthing of the Oculus Rift has no merit, and that this ANTVR is most likely making some false claims about their product. Most people seem to see that ANTVR's provided information on their kickstarter page doesn't completely make 100% sense / line up with the known facts about the mechanics of a VR headset, don't go blindly believing in the quality of something you have not tried yourself, just because they have a flashier commercial for their product.

    I wont say its a scam, because I do not know that for sure, but I can say they are making some empty false claims that they will probably not be able to fully deliver on.
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    It's really interesting to see other solutions to VR headsets, and in the case of ANTVR it's cool to see how they are approaching gun/controller integration. Personally I think it would be really cool if this system was able to be used with the Omni, but we will see when it comes out. I know a lot of people are skeptical about the capabilities, but they might surprise us.
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