Loading Human - Amazing Motion Controls - Now With Omni Support!

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Really good looking implementation of Razer Hydra, STEM and PrioVR. I'm sure the Omni will be added to the confirmed list once the SDK is released or earlier if Virtuix gets in contact with Untold Games like YEI Systems did.



  • Stay tuned :) Good news coming soon!
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    Backed it. Now we're starting to see why VR is going to change gaming. This is what's been missing - emphasis on character, story, emotion, and the sense of presence you get from interacting meaningfully with the environment. It ought to have gone in this direction after Shenmue on the Dreamcast, but that evolution never fully materialised. Well now it's time for a revolution! This is how it's SUPPOSED to be :D
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    Definitely interesting.
    Props go to Plixity for the sig.
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    Omni Support Confirmed!


    (Also why the edit timer? I'd like to update the thread title etc, can't see the point of locking in after an hour.)
    (Finally, I think this would be a great update for Virtuix on kickstarter as well as maybe a short shipping/dev update.)
  • I just want to be able to sound Italian like Flavio in their video B) He's awesome! Looking forward to seeing what they come up with.
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    Virtuix is now an official backer for this Kicstarter campaign. Won't you join us? We really like the idea of Loading Human experience being available for our Omni players!
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    Ok so by the sounds of it some gaming studios are getting the sdk sooner than others? I have a unity pro license and I'm working on a WebGL build.. where can I get the SDK even in beta or alpha?? Have to start somewhere at the same time as other developers.
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    @Ascensi, where did you see that they had access to the Omni SDK ?

    They only announced that their game would support the Omni... that may be in its plug-and-play "keyboard strokes" mode for now ...
    Sure announcing that your game "fully support" a plug and-play device is a bit "easy", but just for communication sake ... why not ?
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    @Dev_Guy_Robert The devs at loading human are awaiting your SDK, maybe you could contact them?
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    This is outstanding news!

    I really hope we starting see many of these announcements in the coming weeks.
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