Navigation via analog stick and weight

I wrote a glove pie script that only access wasd keys if key L is pressed. IS it possible configure key l. when walking or sprinting
(removes the strafing problem)
So i can use an analog stick for moving around only while walking or sprintig.

Basically key l is a variable to turn the analog stick on and off. (if key l is pressed wasd is on else wasd off)

Another question. my weight is 113,2 kg. is this a problem with the omni?


  • Dev_Guy_RobertDev_Guy_Robert Posts: 173
    edited May 2014
    Hi @yabsch - no the Omni doesn't have a problem with your weight. It thinks you look great :D As far a the weight limit goes, you are in the <280lb category that we recommend for the first version. In regards to your keyboard switch question, I'm not quite sure I understand the purpose. It looks as though you hope to be able to strafe using the keyboard, is that right? And in order to use the keyboard, you wish to switch it on and off by pressing a key.

    The short answer is YES, you could do that, but not through the Omni configuration utility we will provide. You might however consider remapping a different button on the controller for rt / lt strafe using a utility such as Xpadder.

    We are also working with some new improvements to the Omni that might help with the strafing motion you hope to replicate. Stay tuned!
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