Virtuix Omni - Minecraft (Game of Thrones Server)

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Hey guys,

I just uploaded our Virtuix Omni - Minecraft (Game of Thrones Server) video onto our YouTube channel. I had to rebuild the WesterosCraft client with Minecrift which took awhile but in the end worked out great. If you haven't already you should definitely check out their server:


  • sutekiBsutekiB Posts: 1,069
    Brilliant :D
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  • MJoMJo Posts: 36
    So many stairs :o I got tired just watching it!
  • sutekiBsutekiB Posts: 1,069

    Poor Colton, the things you're asked to do :'(
    Community Manager at Virtuix
  • AscensiAscensi Posts: 119
    We'll try out the server - in February 2015 :( All these posts about what the VO can do, what the developers had created and no one can try them.
  • @Ascensi It will be worth the wait! Lot of exciting news coming very soon. :)
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