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Thanks to the Omni folks for opening up this thread!

Curious to see any other research centers (UCSD HGR?) are looking into using virtual gaming/omni treadmill to assess fitness or change habitual activity patterns? For the former, I suppose you could try to integrate a metabolic cart but since it's so cumbersome, maybe forgoing VO2 max altogether and focusing on muscle perfusion (i.e. MOXY) or maintaining submax HR? I've been bringing it up at PERC (, but just talk so far.

Can completely envision a gym full of these treadmills with kids running for their lives playing Dayz...I can dream, can't I?

Looking forward to the discussion.


  • Hello @monkiejens‌,

    Virtuix is in conversations with several universities that have Pre-Ordered Omnis to perform various experiments with the platform. Just to name a few: University of Southern California, University of Auckland (New Zealand) and the University of Milan (Italy).

    These universities and researchers have mentioned various forms of testing they intend to use. Examples of methods include:

    Measuring the metabolic energy expenditure and the cost of transport of walking, running, turning and jumping with a metabographic mask.
    Tracing the body center of mass along a specific 3D trajectory with advanced motion capture technology.

    We look forward to working with these universities and to see the results of these studies.

    What other types of games or applications can you envision as "fitness apps" that you would like to use with the Omni?

    OmniPlayerOne (Colton)
  • Damn, I thought I was going to be the first to post here.

    Oh well. I'm attempting a consumer friendly research assesment. You can see more about it here :
  • Sometimes all people need is a giant demon chasing after them to get moving!
  • Agreed! When I was choosing my games for my project, I knew it had to be some sort of endless multiplayer that can have replay value. Right now I’m thinking of Team fortress 2 or Battlefield as they involve a lot of movement. However, I will try this game for a week and collect the average calories lost in X amount of time.

    I am scared that this game may only be using tilt information and not really expect an outside input device such as the Omni.
  • TF2 will work. especially when you play the heavier classes like Heavy or Solly. Playing Sniper will prolly train those arms just to keep the rifle up (unless you quickscope)

    but the one that will break the sweat is prolly DeGroot Keep. Let's see you swing that sword on a medieval map, where it's mostly melee.

  • Hi,
    I became aware of VR last year and have been conducting my college research papers around it since Fall Term. This term I am specifically focusing on VR and that it is the future of fitness, using devices such as the Omni Virtuix in particular. I have been trying to find all the information I can, but since its not yet out in the mass market it's hard to find information. Any ideas on the average amount of calories burned/hour based on what I assume would be a moderate intensity level of exercise on a game such as COD/FarCry/Battlefield etc? Thanks!
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    It needed only a quick Research to find the FAQ and then a little bit more research to find this question in the FAQ:

    Can the Omni get you in shape?

    Definitely. Using the Omni is a great form of exercise and its software can track distance traveled and calories burned. In one test of the Omni, which entailed an hour of intensive game play, the player burned approximately 350-400 calories as he walked and ran a distance of 3-3.5 miles. The Omni can help you make simple but steady improvements in your health or even transform you into a gamer of the future: faster, leaner, meaner and harder than ever to tag during gameplay.
  • This is honestly a huge reason I'm even considering shelling out $700+ for one.
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    same here @Paradigm.
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    I've said this before in another thread but I'm already in training to make sure I don't have a heart-attack when I get the omni and start using it... I figure 6 months of gently improving my cardio system will help given my current rhomboid shape :smile:
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    ROFL!!! That's what my wife told me. I was at first a little mad and was going to tell her that was not nice, but I quickly realized it was absolutely true LOL
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    my wife is amused and I think she's quietly thinking that it's [the fitness push] not going to last, but it's my midlife crisis and she's ok with that - she figured that putting up with VR is way cheaper than a corvette and a secretary :wink:
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    HA! awsome @kzintzi
  • This could revolutionize fitness around the world! Getting someone on a treadmill is harder than getting them to play a game. ( including myself ). Im 6'2 220lbs now.. my ideal weight is 190lbs .. i cant wait to post here when i hit that mark and can fit into my size 32 pants again lol!
  • Recently decided to hit veggie Juicing hard, can't wait to combine this with the Omni for unbelievable results.
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    I've had my Omni now for a couple of weeks, but wanted to really get acquainted with it before making an official review/tips tricks, which I will do soon. So far I have had about 10 people use it, and they all say the same thing, WOW! that is exhausting. Because games in VR are so real and so intense, they get adrenaline pumping and really make you push yourself. Me personally, due to a knee injury years ago, and the complications now setting in, I have been unable to run for about a year. I am glad to say I can run on the Omni due to the bowl design with little to no pain as it is almost no impact. I have always been a fast runner, always sub 5 second on a 40 meter dash. I feel on the Omni I am hitting at least 80% my max speed, in full stride. So needless to say, it doesn't take long to get pretty tired, but it is so exciting, you don't mind. The only reason I don't feel I can hit 100% is the ring is in the way, you cannot swing your arms naturally which is unfortunate. However, given all the options available today, the Omni design is superior and it works. It beats the hell outa using a controller thumb-stick. I'll give a complete analysis on my next day off, but as far as fitness, no question this thing meets your cardio needs.
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