Many Questions

Hi, I have many important questions to ask. I will try to make these questions as short as possible.

Is the Virtuix Omni compatible with PC's (Windows 8) and PS3's?
Games like...
PC: Minecraft, Modern Warfare 3, and Rumble Fighter ()
PS3: Modern Warfare 3.
Info: I was wondering if it works on Rumble Fighter because the game is in a 3rd person mode.

What are the requirements to buying the Virtuix Omni, like goggles and gun controller? Also do you need a sensor? ( Like a PC/XBOX/PS3/PS4 Kinect )

Are you able to give me the links to all the requirements needed for this contraption? Like the Goggles, PC controller and Gun controller ( If any ).

If you are able to use a controller for Minecraft while using the Omni, how are you able to talk in chat in a multiplayer server?

If I pre-order the Virtuix Omni, it will come around February 2015 correct?

Sorry for so many questions but I just really needed answers :smile:

Thank you for your time!

P.S. If you can, please give me much details about everything I need to know. Thanks again! :smiley:


  • Ok.

    The Virtuix Omni 'technically' works with ANY PC game that uses the keyboard, the real question is how well it would work with each individual game. Minecraft and COD have already been shown to work well, it would be interesting to see how well a sidescroller could work. @Dev_Guy_Robert‌ @OmniPlayerOne‌ Would a setting be possible in the keymap calibration software to let a keystroke toggle which key is pressed by walking forward? ie so in a sidescroller you are 'walking' towards your monitor and the Omni is pressing 'A' so you are walking left. But if you press say 'X' then walking towards your monitor presses 'D' instead so you never turn away from the screen? I imagine sidescrollers actually being quite fun like this with all the jumping involved.

    PS4 support is possible but would require Sony to enable it (which is quite possible given they're working on the Morpheus) but will almost certainly not be available at release and not before the Morpheus' release either.

    To use the Omni (at least at release) all you require is a computer (laptop would be fine) capable of running the games you want to play. If you want the full VR experience though then some VR goggles (like Oculus Rift) are essential. But goggles are not required for use.

    If you want to use chat while on the Omni and are wearing a VR headset then you'll either need to use voice chat, some nifty voice to speech program, a in-game keyboard, or some headsets now offer a 'passthrough' toggle were you press a button and can see the real world through a camera on the headset so you can type.

    I assume that the Omni will arrive for Feb 2015, but I'm not a dev and I don't know where you live.

    I hope that helps,
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