How tall are the "horns"?

When you take the ring and its arms, two "horns" are left sticking up from the base. Anybody know how tall are they? Are they removeable, too? (I doubt it) This may be the differenece that makes me buy it or not, as if they're more than 30cm (11,8") from the floor I can't fit the base where I thought I would. Does anyone have any idea?


  • Also, Is the description in the kickstarter still true?: "Platform - The Omni platform will consist of eight plastic injection molded segments (forming the Omni octagon), pre-assembled as two halves, and a separate center piece that unites the eight segments." Will I be able to separate the pieces at will? Size is important, as I live in an apartment and have limited space.
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    Hey @jhondidfool, when I asked about this last year I was told the base would be about 6" high. I'm not sure if the brackets are removable or if the segments can be separated, but I would expect so.
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  • So, if we go pixel by pixel from the video, the horns are 15,25" (around 38cm). Interesting. Thanks!
  • @jhondidfool That is an early prototype concept and will be different in consumer product. You can subscribe to our monthly newsletter for updates on our shipping progress as well as other news related announcements here:
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