New prototype announced: Crescent Bay - adds 360 degree positional tracking!

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Revealed at Oculus Connect:


The addition of LEDs on the reverse of the headband would seem to confirm that the consumer HMD will have 360 degree 6DOF head tracking - great news for Virtuix Omni users!
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  • I was glad and reliefed when the showed the crescent bay. As Carmack also said in his talk, turning around with a stick is just bad and (besides walking backwards) it's the main reason for me to get sick in HLVR. I really hope the omni feels good enough for me to forget that I'm using it. If that will be the case CV1+Omni+Stem will be a hell of an experience... and it's probably not even 1 year away :o
  • Yes this is really encouraging. Hoping it be purchasable when the Omni starts delivering. 360 degree tracking in the HMD means that legacy apps that don't have the ability to decouple much movement won't require a separate VR controller (like STEM), saving money for those who only need legacy app support (like for existing first person shooters and the like).
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    I used this unit at CES 2015 in a controlled room demo. Way better that the DK2. This tech is now ready for prime time folks. Oculus needs to release this thing ASAP considering the amount of competition brewing at the show....
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