Striker VR Gun Controller

This controller was showcased at Oculus Connect and has garnered rave reviews.

Haptic feedback gun controllers are a natural addition to any VR setup. While this controller does seem to have a very responsive feedback system there are still the questions of button layout, compatibility, and battery life. I also see the issue that since the gun is modeled off a M4 rifle, will the presence in the virtual world be broken if I were to switch to a pistol or shotgun? If I were playing with this controller, I would not want to switch to a weapon that did not match the profile of the controller I am holding. What are your thoughts?

OmniPlayerOne (Colton)


  • Although you primarily stick to one weapon in certain games, it's not always an M4. I would hope there would be a line of different weapons the user has to choose from in the future.
  • are you guys going to include the gun in the omni package??
  • sutekiBsutekiB Posts: 1,069
    @ShadowCaster007 I'm not aware of any plan to include the Striker at this time, sorry.

    I think one way to circumvent the issue is for developers to give players choice throughout. Not limit ammo or availability of weapons in a way that results in a mismatch with their chosen input device. If a player has a sword-like controller, or a rifle and a hand-gun peripheral, they can choose to swap weapons in-game and out, or stick with what best matches what they have. Weapons can still be upgraded (in quality) as you progress, but having one of each type available from the start seems a good practice in VR.
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  • @sutekib thanks! do you kno which gun they use in their demo videos??
  • sutekiBsutekiB Posts: 1,069
    @ShadowCaster007 Sure, it's normally the Cabela Top Shot Elite (I have one for practice). Sometimes they use 'U.S Army Elite Force Assault Rifle'. It has a lot of buttons.
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  • @sutekib i think i have one of those in my garage! going to go digging for it later tonight but i just came across this halo VR gun by strikevr.
  • StrikerVR has a new pistol that is based off Halo's M6 Magnum. To @OmniPlayerOne's point, you may want to physically switch weapons when doing so in VR so what other type of VR weapons would you guys want to see?
  • xxann5xxann5 Posts: 593
    Looks like they rebranded to HapTech and have a new consumer(rough) prototype.

    and if what they say is true at a 60$ price point I couldn't afford NOT to buy one!
  • NighteyesNighteyes Posts: 29
    I was excited to see that post too. Hope it's able to be integrated into the Oculus and Vive controllers as well!
  • giroudfgiroudf Posts: 127
    unfortunately this kind of project often give an accessory that has all the effort given to the look (and with VR glasses on, you don't really care how about your gun look, especially if the look is not matching the theme of the game), and almost no effort is put on ergonomic or tracking technology.
    most gun released these last years proved to be barely usable and not better than Wii, PS move and other device already available.
  • xxann5xxann5 Posts: 593
    Actually there new prototype looks like ass, lol. Its is 100% utilitarian, they even made a point to say that there in-game skin looks much better. They are also going about tracking correctly, I.E. there not doing it. They are leaving it to the professionals. They are currently using a Sixsence STEM pack for tracking. I would not be surprised if they also put out a lighthouse version. Even with the STEM it even picks up the hepatics of the kickback and translates it into virtual kickback, no need to simulate the kickback or the sway of a scoped rifle, all of that is physical thats translated into virtual!!!

    If they keep with what they are doing and don’t screw something up, this could be a must have VR accessory for FPS's
  • @ShadowCaster007 haha! Gun controller shipped with the Omni?!?! I was wondering wtf you were talking about lol. The controller from the demoes is the US Army Elite Force Assault Rifle ($50) & the fact that no one here knows the name of it just helped me to realize that everyone in this forum is just as clueless as the next guy lol
  • JorgenJorgen Posts: 108
    @ChieferSutherland, In facts, knowing which gun they use in the demo is of little interest as it is not used for aiming but only as a trigger...
    They could use a normal gamepad as well... just less impressive in the video.
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