The Delta Six

Does anybody have any Idea whether the Delta Six controller will work with the Omni? I wonder because tilting the Six will normally walk and I wonder if that will interfere with the Omni's function. Pic related, is delta.


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    Hi @Omnion, welcome to the forum! I can't say I know for sure, but I remember compatibility was mentioned during Delta Six's Kickstarter campaign. Here's the quote:

    "We are extremely excited to announce that we are working directly with Virtuix to ensure compatibility between the Delta Six controller and The Omni. We know that combining our devices will make for an absolutely incredible experience. We realize that the fully immersive gaming experience has to be just that. Fully immersive. Your arms and legs, your senses, the controller you’re wielding, it all needs to work together."

    Would love to get my hands on a Delta B)
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  • I briefly looked at the delta six but it seemed like too much of a niche product for me. I play shooters sure, but I felt the Sixense STEM offered more value for the price because the hand controller could work very well as a gun (you could probably adapt simulated barrel and stock attachment to it if you wanted more realism) but also be easily reconfigured as a controller for a non-shooter. Whereas with the Delta Six, you're stuck waving around the gun even if you're not in an FPS...

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