Happy Halloween! Bio-feedback in horror/adventure games

I'm very interested to see if more developers will embrace the new wave of devices that can detect biometrics like heart-rate and sweat. While I didn't focus on how it might benefit Omni users specifically (though it makes an appearance at 1:08), I can see the potential here as well. In a challenging open world zombocalypse-sim like DayZ, I'd expect unfit players to get run down by zombies often, but if a game wants to be more forgiving, while still pushing the player aerobically it would be advantageous to keep track of a player's heart rate. That way it can trigger the AIs to stop chasing you when you're reaching the limit of your endurance. What do you think - will the line between games and fitness apps merge at some point thanks to the Omni? Will being chased by Elder Scrolls guards half-way across Skyrim be the new fitness craze? How about the other applications of bio-feedback? I hope Nevermind reaches its funding goal because it could be the start of a very interesting and far-reaching trend!

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