New Omni Ring

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Hey everyone,

Jan returned from China last week with very exciting news and updates. Keep an eye out for our newsletter we'll be sending out shortly. For now, I leave you with a photo of Jan with the final design of our Omni ring!


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    @sutekib this is hilarious!
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    it needs fire! lol
  • Preety sure corgis are an English thing. Should be Buckingham instead of White House. Add Queen Liz too. Hear she likes corgis.

  • owwwww im desesperated to have one in my countrry, to make alittle arcade omg!!!
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    can someone tell me what the two green handle things are supposed to be for? (not the locking bar and arm joint, but that open one you see at the top of the ring in this picture.
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    @GreyAcumen They're for picking up the Ring more easily; also for adjusting the height while standing on the Omni.
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    @Peter Currently it is in it's natural form - raw materials. Soon however they will all come together in a factory in China and become a number of parts. Then these parts will arrive at your doorstep and you must assemble them to create something truly incredible!

    In all seriousness as a pathfinder I can testify that Virtuix is working hard on putting the finishing touches on the manufacturing line for minimising dpu (less defective units), improving the software on a weekly basis and taking a lot of pathfinder feedback to incorporate some last minute minor adjustments. If you still have concerns I suggest emailing them directly - they are very responsive.
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    Wow, this is very nice news, keep us informed. Thank you.
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    I can't wait to make the youtube videos with my Omni. It doesn't matter that I'll be one of the last people to receive mine, its going to be AWESOME. :D
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