Height of the omni when packaged away

I would like to know the exact height of the omni when it is packaged away, this is so I can get the correct bed that would allow me to store the omni underneath it.

will the omni dismantle into 3 parts as well?



  • sutekiBsutekiB Posts: 1,069
    Hi @OculusRiftRocks, I don't know the exact dimensions as they haven't been released yet but I think the base is approx 6" high so it should fit under most beds. Yes I think it splits into at least three parts - the base, the struts, and the ring. Hope that helps.
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  • OculusRiftRocksOculusRiftRocks Posts: 131
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    Yes, that helps a lot, so that's 6" high and 45" diameter.

    I'll be sure to measure that when looking for a new bed that allows for large under storage space.
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