omni and Vox machinae

this could be the killer game for omni if the game control allows to use the omni to make the robot walk


  • Except no one has heard of it. Thanks, genius. Next we should propose for World of Tanks in VR. Because, cannons.

  • sutekiBsutekiB Posts: 1,069
    I would love to try controlling a mech with the Omni. Story, atmosphere and character interaction are really important, so as a long-time fan of Neon Genesis Evangelion I hope that series will see a first person game made for VR. It's right up there with Resident Evil on my wish-list.
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  • I've seen a video of someone playing it, but unfortunately couldn't get it to work on my system. It looks like it would be really fun, and adding an Omni into the mix would be wonderful.

    No need to be rude, Wolvenworks.
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