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anyone know if it would be possible if useing the omni and oculus with a headset and mic to make a game close to for instance sword art online all you need to do is make it that its a first person game and that it involves the headset to give a directional sound and the mic to allow talking and in fields or pve or pvp areas skill names to activate skills if thats done i think a game quite close to sword art online or even in sword art online II that gun game online thing to be possible to do just req alot of dedicated servers and such but it sounds possible anyone agree?


  • It is certainly possible. The Omni would simply replace the game controller you typically use. The limiting factor would be the graphics and having to render them twice for a stereoscopic VR experience.
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    I think the question of voice-activated skills is really interesting.

    One thing to get in mind with VR is that the best is the immersion, the more annoying immersion-breaking elements becomes.
    It is similar to the uncanny valley theory in animation, saying that the more a virtual human looks real, the more disturbing are the little animation flaws.
    This is the main reason of the Omni: with a good HMD like the Rift, moving around by pushing buttons gets annoying... it breaks your immersion.

    And this will impact the way we see "heroic" skills in games:
    While you play on a screen, the fact that your character performs "superhuman" actions like dashing, swirling with blades or doing super-jumps when you press a button is not a problem.
    But as soon as you are immersed in your environment, embodying your character, it will surely become disturbing...
    Skill that do not necessarily involve motion, like healing yourself with magic or causing a fire blast will be Ok, and voice-activation can be a really fun solution for these.
    But for all skills like combat moves, jumps, projectile launching... activating them with buttons or voice command won't do it.
    Just imagine your view beginning to turn around because you launched your "blade whirlwind" skill while your body is standing still: guaranteed immersion-breaking and potential simulation sickness.

    So, I see only two options:
    - Exactly matching your character moves to your own moves and forget about heroic combat moves.... or learn to do them by yourself ! :)
    - Activate heroic moves with a "close enough" moves, like a small jump with your sword pointed forward for a "dashing strike of the unicorn"

    And there the voice activation can come handy, adding a "trigger word" to the "trigger move"...
    Like, shouting "By the flame of the phenix !!!" with your arm pointed to activate your fireball skill... and avoiding burning a city every time you stretch...
  • thats what i was thinking for instance if people aim to be a archer they will get a bow where they need to pull back slightly the "string" (would be something like rubber) and that's how a archer can do there skills is by pulling it back then saying the skill name then let go and the skill is active for knights i don't think a whirlwind attack will work since what you said above but a earth shatter attack would where they need to raise there sword then say the skill and bring it down and it activates for mages litterer almost the same as the knight but would req pointing it to the person or monster and to use consumables there is a ball or potion bottle that is in a belt that hangs off the omni or you and that's how you can use consumables (each will hang by a retractable string that once you use it you can drop it and it goes back to where it was even if thrown)
    at least that's what i think would make it more plausible
  • "dashing strike of the unicorn" :D
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    All magical incantations ought to have their power increased by using the prefix 'Omni'. Thus - 'Omni-flame!', 'Omni-heal!', 'Omni-slash!' (wait, that last one's been done already) Spoiler Alert - Cloud defeats Sephiroth (also contains flashing images):
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  • but i litterly think it is possible just req alot of time and resorces to do if it is possible i would do it aka buy it thats for sure
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    Sure, I would love a bow peripheral. I usually prefer archery to sword-fighting, but that might change once I get my STEM. I don't see why it couldn't also be a gun. I just tried flipping my Cabela 90 degrees and you can hold it quite comfortably that way.
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