Gotta Catch 'em All

I think adding Pokemon in to the games list of Virtuix Omni games would be a great step forward and possibly bring in a whole load more customers of every age and gender. The reason I think this is because I have been talking to a few friends and colleagues over the past few weeks asking them what they thought about Pokemon and pretty much all of them (with the exception of a few) said they loved Pokemon growing up and on the occasion they would still play it just for good times sake. another thing I asked them was "is there anything YOU think could be added to Pokemon" and to that some would say new Pokemon but the majority would say that they wish they could be part of the game more and when I suggested being able to control the character with your own movements they where all up for the idea.
I also think just for games like Pokemon you should create a belt of some sorts to hold the players Pokeballs during the game.
Please consider making this game idea of ours into a reality
Yours Sincerely iSHADOWCRAFTx


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