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Hey everyone I'm working on a small rpg level for the rift and want to know what arr some thoughts on a VR rpg What are some of your favorite features in rpgs? Do yiu have any favorites? What did they do right?Do you have any favorite moments?

As of right now I have a landscape with some AI creatures, razer support, and an archer class. I plan on adding the tank, mage, and healer classes soon. Let me know what you would like to see in it. It might make it in might not (Depending on time). Also I plan to send out .exe to anybody who is interested and has an omni to serve as a beta test.


  • JorgenJorgen Posts: 108
    Hi @psoihluis, this sounds nice.

    In my opinion, a point that VR games, and most especially RPG must focus on is the relation between the moves of the player and the actions of the character.
    For example, avoiding as much as possible button-triggered skills and moves that do not fit the user's.

    So, I think you should focus on using the positional tracking of the user's hands. (that you probably have, considering the "razer support" you talked about.)
    The most obvious first step would be to make the weapons follow the user's hands.
    But this requires an strong system and IA to deal with the attacks, parries, blows...

    What would be even more interesting would be to work on gesture-based spells and special skills.
    I think a great game could just focus on a spell-caster and the need for learning stances, gestures and command words to launch spells.
    And this would require less complex IAs and engine than dealing with close-contact fighting.

    In any case, I look forward to more information on your project and beta-tests. :)
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    Hey @psoihluis, sign me up for the beta!

    One feature I would love to see is Reactive Grip support - It's a great haptic feedback device that can use the Sixense STEM for tracking. To feel the resistance of a sword going through a monster, or the tension when pulling back the string of a bow would be a lot of fun in a VR RPG. I made a video of my one experience with the controller when I was at CES '14: Explore VR Episode 1. Apologies for the poor sound and editing. They will be at GDC so I'm hoping to catch up with them and see how they're progressing. Currently their SDK works in Unity and I think it's coming to Unreal Engine soon.

    I like grinding through enemies, collecting loot, finding secrets and improving my weapon and armour sets. Also the thrill of surviving close encounters - but I hate dying in RPGs, and could be more of a problem in VR*. I'd prefer to pay some penalty and escape the situation.

    So many memorable RPG moments over the years but if I have to pick a couple:

    1) Defeating one of the 'Weapon' monsters in FF7 which altered the landscape allowing me to access a new area and find a really cool sword.
    2) Defeating a T-Rex right at the start of FF8 in an epic battle I was not expecting which seemed to go on for hours :lol:

    I look forward to playing your game on the Omni!

    Matrix/SAO reference :)

    Community Manager at Virtuix
  • Hey @psoihluis, I hope your development is going well.

    One of my favorite features in RPGs is crafting, and it has the potential of being a lot more immersive in VR.

    Also, I really like when RPGs give the player the ability to knock down opponents (I usually play a sword and shield character), and I think it would be cool to make it where if the player sprints towards another character, and hits them, then it will knock them down. That would be a cool use of the Omni.

    Exploring is another one of my favorite aspects of RPGs, so I agree with @sutekiB that finding secrets is a good idea. There can never be too many secret doors, caves behind waterfalls, hollowed out trees with treasure chests inside, etc.
  • In game shops ( with game points/money you earn ) sort of how pokemon and stuff how they have shops where you can buy more advanced pokeballs and stuff like that, if you can buy spell books or like a better weapon and stuff like that it would be great.
  • I rarely see Devs comment twice on the same thread but i was wondering on what all of you thought in the case of--now hear me out--...Magic. Its not rare in an RPG for there to be a vast quantity of spells waiting for you to learn them but they were always missing something for me. I always wanted a game like "Spy Kids" where you are basically transported into the game with complete control of your own actions, actually feeling strikes, tension and much more but spells... They always left me wanting more. The most powerful spells in most video games just left your controller shaking but since @sutekiB brought up Reactive Grip™ Motion Controller it really got me thinking.

    What if when you wanted to cast that firestorm spell you worked so hard to get you needed to perform a movement similar to a fatality in the MK series and when you casted that hard earned firestorm your controller picked up on the movement and increased the heat of the controller somehow using a safe method of something like friction, cooled down when you cast blizzard of give you a very slight jolt that gets more intense the stronger the electrical, fiery or icy spell you cast. Or another cool idea i though i would share is Mana, Magicka- whatever the name of your magical energy wants to be called but another idea i thought'd be cool is if when you cast that master spell "Dragons Rage from the Heavens" that drained every last bit of your precious magical goodness now made it harder for ou to move. What i was thinking is that if you did cast a spell that drained a large portion of your mana that it would increase the tension meaning you would need to work harder and harder the more 'energy' you expended but again this is just wishful thinking Now being this is a far stretch and probably would take months on months of preparation bug fixes and beta tests i thought this would be a cool idea!

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