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Hi All

The OMNI looks awesome but i have a couple of questions.
Ive just purchased a Samsung Gear VR but not yet recieved it (the wait is killing me!!!)
Would the Omni be compatible with the Gear VR and what games/experiences are there for it? Is omni going to supply anything for the Gear?
It mainly seems that all the games/360 safaris, flight sims ect are for the rift?
Thanks Craig


  • sutekiBsutekiB Posts: 1,069
    Hi Craig, welcome to the forum!

    The Gear VR is indeed compatible with the Omni over Bluetooth, I've seen the two being used together. I expect the choice is a bit limited for now, but I'm going to a couple of developer conferences in the next few weeks and hoping to see some great VR titles in production. Stay tuned for game announcements during GDC next month. Good question about Virtuix-made software working on the Gear VR. I'll enquire about that.
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  • Video coming soon... I was playing Dreadhalls yesterday and had a lot of fun! Nothing like turning round a corner in a dungeon an running into a gnarly looking monster. No thumb twitches here. I ran! :)
  • SnowflameSnowflame Posts: 1
    Good evening all. Thanks for the info. I have the new Gear VR and the S6. loving it so far and a friend told me about your product. Very intriguing. I will be doing research. Any more information or video using Gear VR. Thanks and glad to be apart of this exciting new gaming experience.
  • sutekiBsutekiB Posts: 1,069
    Hi @Snowflame, welcome to the forum! Cool, you have the S6/Gear VR combo. Virtuix use the Gear VR with the Omni as part of their demonstrations. Check out this video:

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  • JacobVRJacobVR Posts: 6
    It looks like Ikarus and theBluVR aren't compatible with Marshmallow. I kept wondering why I couldn't find them in the store. If anyone hasn't tried the Cedar Point Valravn, my 5 year old LOVED that roller coaster app (from Google Cardboard), which is what convinced me to buy the Gear VR. The high quality content is really awesome, but I wish there was more.
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    Since the Omni just started shipping is there a list of compatible GearVR titles that work with it?
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