Kickstarter promise on specific shoe needs

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Have you backed away from this, or how will it fit into the ordering process?
Shoe size 8EEEE (aka 8 4E), or size 8EEEEE (aka 8 5E) needed. No, Size 8, Size 8.5, and Size 9 doesn't work.

Later down the road,I'll be sure to let you know if an extra-extra-wide foot is an advantage or a hindrance.


> What do I do if I have specific shoe needs?

In case you have specific shoe needs, please let us know – we will work with you to get you set up appropriately.


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    You sir, have some WIDE feet. That has to be annoying when trying to buy shoe's.
  • Yeah -- you're right. I've resorted to buying all my shoes online because it is extremely rare to find them in stores.
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    Hi @Atari_Historian, the shoes are very flexible so hopefully you won't experience an issue. However, I asked and they told me if the Omni shoes don't fit your measurements they will work with their supplier to get you set up appropriately as promised in the Kickstarter. Hope that helps!
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  • I'm likely to experience an issue. :)

    At what point in the process would I communicate with who about shoes?
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    Hmm, maybe once you've tried the included shoes, and you'd contact - but I'll look up that measurement to see how likely they are to fit you. If there's no way then I'll suggest they contact their suppliers ahead of time ;)
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  • Any update? I've ordered *both* size 8, which will be too tight, and size 9, which is extremely likely to be be floppy because it is too long.
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    Riven each shoe and then combine them so each foot has one half from each size. Then your average size per foot by internal volume would be 8.5. Problem solved!
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    Or perhaps get some inspiration from "Cinderella"... when feet do not fit, use a knife ...
  • xxann5xxann5 Posts: 593
    On the shoe's or your feet?
  • JorgenJorgen Posts: 108
    Feet : In the original story, both her older sisters slice a part of their foot in order to fit in Cinderella's tiny shoe.
  • xxann5xxann5 Posts: 593
    Holly crap?! really? thats dedication on a hole new level.

    Its funny just how creepy and sadistic the original version of all these childrens stories are, anyone ever read the original Alice in wonderland? American McGee's Alice is almost closer to the origninal book than the kids movie is.
  • JorgenJorgen Posts: 108
    Sure they are.
    Just have a look at Andersen's "Little Mermaid" or 'The Little Match Girl"...
  • Okay, seriously, though, some of us need shoes with different widths and not just lengths, so for us there are two dimensions in buying shoes. Length and width.

    For me, 8 is just the right length but way too narrow. 9 is too long and may or may not be too narrow depending on who makes it. So that's why a specific length/width in shoe is important for some people.

    PS: Yes, my mutant feet are amusing.
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    We get that it is a serious question.
    But there is little to do before the Omni and its shoes are actually released.
    I also have trouble because my feet are pretty wide compared to the usual.
    In this case, though, I am not too concerned as the Omni shoes are described are quite thin and extensible: they should fit most of feet shapes.
    Therefore, I think you should order the size 8 or 9, and then ask Virtuix for help if none fit at all.
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    Sorry @Atari_Historian I didnt mean to offend. Just messing a round.

    I think @Jorgen might be right about the shoe flexing to fit wide feet.
  • Hi guys!

    So, it has been about nine months. Where did we end up with on the issue of custom shoe sizes?
    Again, we're talking a mutant size... not 8, but 8EEEEE.

    No, a normal size 8 cannot be expected to flex to meet that size. A size 9 is too long and also won't flex properly.
    Hoping to avoid having to get the Omni, and then have to wait another two months to get shoes that fit to actually use it. :)
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    Hi @Atari_Historian, they are working on a solution. So, just to confirm, the shoes you wear would be like these?
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    I also have wide feet (4E):
    -If the shoe length is accurate, regular width shoes cause an uncomfortable binding in the toes (and tend to burst the sides at the ball of the foot after too long)
    -Extra length tends to cause an uncomfortable slipping motion at the heel leading to blisters.
    So ideally an attachment (like winter traction devices) would be ideal for handling all the extra sizes

    New Balance has a good selection of widths so if you want to see a sizing chart example:

    And what I mean by winter traction devices (not chains or spikes but used to secure the special surface to the bottom of your shoe for the Omni Virtuix):
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    As near as I can tell, the stuff on the bottom of the shoes that Omni provides isn't really any different than the stuff you find on those slider feet things for moving furniture on carpets. You might be able to take an old pair of shoes and use a hot glue gun to first attach a layer of hard felt/thin foam to the entire bottom of the shoe (try to cover the edges of the sole, not just the underside) and then attach the carpet sliders at the ball(but centered along the width of the foot) and heel of the foot. Just make sure to use sliders that are rated for at least your full body weight or higher. No guarantees on how well it would work, but the felt is just as important as the sliders, because it allows you a slightly higher friction in places where you need more control, without causing a full jerking stop if you happen to brush an edge against the platform.
  • About the shoes, please remember your promise in the FAQ: "What do I do if I have specific shoe needs? In case you have specific shoe needs, please let us know – we will work with you to get you set up appropriately."
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    I would love to hear more on this, because the only shoes that don't cause me a lot of pain are 6Ewide.
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