World Of Warcraft?

Understandably any Key binding could cause an issue, but for basics, could this be ran with World of Warcraft?


  • JorgenJorgen Posts: 108
    Technically, there is no reason it would not.
    But, multiple issues would get in the way:

    There is, as you said, a problem of controller: MMO usually require a huge number of keys, and it's not easy to use a keyboard with the omni...

    But the main issue is probably that WoW, as most MMOs, is meant to be played with a third-person view of the character...
    And VR requires a first-person view to make sense...
    Walking to make the character you watch from behind walk is already not really immersive, but the fact that turning does not turn you on place but turns your character.... is stupid and will probably make you puke ... :)
    One way to play WoW with the Omni would be not to use it with a VR headset, but in front of a screen.
    Its only use would be to walk and run instead of pressing the "forward" key... not turning around or anything...
    Or play it in first-person view... but I am not sure it is really playable this way.
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