Starwars Battlefront 2 a legndary game for the starwars community. released back in 2005 on ps2. I propose the new Starwars Battlefront 3 to be Omni compatible, who agrees?


  • The game is coming out decemember this year 2015
  • JorgenJorgen Posts: 108
    edited April 2015
    Battlefront 2 will most probably be compatible with the Omni, as it emulate joystick controls.
    The real question is to know if the game will be adapted to VR headsets...

    And, from the trailers, it seems that the game will include a lot of vehicle piloting phases: I'm not sure its the best game to be played with the Omni.
    But, for the "pedestrian" phases, I don't see why not...
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