Original Tomb Raider 1 - sole reason for buying this

I was obsessed with this game in the 90's. Had actual dreams at night that I was the player inside this game. Planned to develop my own VR version of it all throughout college, with velcro dual pistol attachments on the thighs to simulate in-game gun drawing, and a method of an infrared chest attachment that would serve as a signal to the machine when the player was ducking/crouching, jumping or diving, versus standing normally. My primary goals in this idea were to actually be in the game, as well as something that would be a huge weight loss method by running, jumping, climbing in game for hours, in these beautiful, forgotten underground tombs. Then realized u guys were already 99% there already.

I've seen the Steam VR system and they have Tomb Raider but it requires a DOS box port that has problems with compatibility. If its barely compatible with a regular laptop and requires special updates I have doubts it will port over well to their machine. I WILL BUY your system if you can make TR1 playable on it. The controls are rather simple, as it came out in 96, a few keyboard controls only. I hope to God that your development company has not been infected with the anti-female gamer sentiment I have seen elsewhere, most repulsive and disappointing. I am offering real dollars and thousands of them, not only buying the product but in investment in your shares if you can make this long dreamt project a reality for me. I will buy your product in a split second if I could step into Lara's shoes in the original Tomb Raider 1, as in my dreams, and walk around in this lonely, shuddering environment.

Thank you


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    Hi @lauram, welcome to the forum!

    I'm sure many of us have devoted a lot of time at some point to wishing we could immerse ourselves in our favorite work of fiction. I have fond memories of the original Tomb Raider myself. It was an excellent game.

    The likelihood of a VR Tomb Raider being developed is reasonably high, as it remains a very popular franchise. Sadly this may be due in part to the lack of games that feature female leads - a lamentable situation given that women make up almost half the video-gaming demographic now. It may take a while for the AAA franchises to transition to VR, especially as development of these can take many years, however the best thing we can do in the meantime is support the VR industry and help it to grow. Virtuix's latest video featured GTAV, which is not a VR ready game, and yet after only a few days it already has over 400,000 views. It won't be long before the big developers see there is a demand for this content to be adapted for VR.

    Rest assured there is no anti-female gamer sentiment at Virtuix and they do consider female gamers in their decision making. While they are focused on finishing the development of the Omni treadmill right now, perhaps you'd like to share your specific hopes for a VR Tomb Raider with the Omni? If there was one environment from the game you remember that you would like to see recreated in VR, what would it be?

    Also, I'm not sure if you've seen this old promotional image or not, but I'm sure you'll like it!

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