running games

What would be nice are games that don't require additional controls beyond the omni and the Vr headset.

A simple one would be a foot race game. This could be aimed as a way to make an exercise routine funner. How fast you run would translate into the game, and you have to get to the goal before your opponents, either virtual or other humans. You could have a variety of tracks, from a simple oval, to courses that go through scenic locations. Mechancis often found in racing games can be included, like powerups and shortcuts and hidden paths.
Another variant is tag; you have to catch up to other players, then flee them.
You could also do chase scenes, where you have a course you have to get through while avoiding pursuers.


  • JorgenJorgen Posts: 108
    I totally support an online multiplayer tag game idea ! :)
    Or even a tag MMORPG ? ... "World of You're it" ... O,O

    And, yes, I think many variations of running-based games could be imagined...
    I think VR parkour would be a hit... but perhaps requires a bit more of control / feedback ...
  • mystifymystify Posts: 3
    VR parkour sounds awesome, but I don't know if it works in practice. You probably have all the issues mirror's edge had with motion sickness, only magnified. and actually doing most of the actions seems infeasible.
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    I wouldn't rule parkour out. I've never objected to having my character fall in VR. Falling in real life will give you a sensation in the pit of your stomach anyway - that's not motion sickness, that's panic! As long as you're expecting it, and it's not too frequent, it's okay (for me anyway). The things that I find sickness inducing are rotation with a gamepad, and forced movement - i.e the kind I don't initiate myself, or have any control over. I personally prefer falling to jumping in VR. Maybe it's because falling starts off slowly and then becomes faster, whereas jumping is the opposite. These are interesting considerations for VR game designers for sure - I find it quite fascinating.
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  • mystifymystify Posts: 3
    Its not really the falling I was thinking about. If you do motions that the user doesn't, like the tumbles in mirrors edge, you get the forced movement effects. Many of the actions in parkour are ones you can't physically accomplish; there is no way to rest your hand on a surface and vault over it, for instance, which is a very basic movement in parkour. Nor can you leap up and push off of a wall, or go into a slide, etc.
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    Yes, that is the kind of problem I was thinking about.
    And every "jumps "in rotation" too ... 360° or flips, for example. You certainly cannot do them in the Omni (even if... the 360°... Im wondering...). So the camera movement cannot follow the user's movement for these.
    So "light parkour" could do it, sure...
    In any case, now I really want to try programing a multiplayer tag game for Virtuix users... should not be too hard to code... someday, if I find some time :)
  • These are all great ideas, guys! Keep them coming. I am personally most excited about the potential for horror games on the Omni. This post about exercise got me thinking about other potential game ideas. For instance, I think a walking game where some sort of antagonist follows you would be a fun way to get in your 30 minutes of daily exercise.

    Imagine getting on your Omni and having to outrun shambling zombies through a ruined suburb. A brisk walk would outrun them but you would have to keep up the pace as more zombies arrive. Just food for thought...
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