Consumer Rift Revealed! Ships with Xbox One gamepad

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Oculus revealed a ton of information at their pre-E3 press conference. Here is the Consumer Rift, Coming Q1 2016


It ships with the Xbox One gamepad. Xbox One games can be streamed to the Rift


They revealed their own 6DOF tracking input! It's called 'Oculus Touch'. They have a 'half-moon' shape that uses the same LED constellation tracking system.
The controllers can apparently detect gestures as well. Coming H1 '16. You may be able to pre-order these alongside the Rift.


Here's the redesigned camera for the optical tracking (Oculus refers to it as a 'sensor')


Their store/community experience is now called 'Home'


They have a new logo


Check out their website for more info:

Pretty cool huh? What do you guys think?
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  • I'd like to see the inside of the rift and see what creature comforts it has. I've found a DK1 and DK2 are uncomfortable in that respect.
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    I for one was not impressed. Sure they showed the final hardware and the new input but there were no technical details. FOV? Sensor area? After the event they said you can have more than one sensor but that would have been nice to put in the presentation, no?

    The presentation was all over the place as well. Iribe's opening speech was very clear that gaming on a 2D screen was the past and how much better the 3D of VR is and how it is the future! and not 2 min latter they are demoing playing a 2D game in VR stemming from the Xbon???

    The fact that there are several news sources stating that the Rift cost 1500$ and will only work with the Xbone tells me that Oculus is doing a horrible job at releasing information about the Rift in a clear and consice manner. I am not justifying shitty reporting but your marketing teem needs to try and limit that.

    And what were they thinking! Trolling everyone with the Xbone controler?! I'm sure Palmer thought it was funny as hell, but that pissed off alot of people. Even though they said many times during the event that more info on input was coming it did not stop reddit from exploding. I'm not justifying people's ridiculous over the top reactions before the event was even over but you they should have known nothing good would come from that.

    And then there's the news that the Touch wont even be shipping with the Rift which i am assuming the real reason the Xbone controller was put in there is a stop gap mesure untill the Touch is released midyear. (They would not say H1 if they did not mean midyear) And that's if none of the dates slip. And we all know about dates slipping on this forum! (Sorry Virtuix team I had to get that jab in :p just playing, im sure your working hard to get it out)

    Personally I was leaning towards the Vive anyway but I was waiting for input. So it looks like my first VR HMD will the the Vive
  • What I find amusing was there were no pictures of people sitting in chairs. Looks like OVR is wising up..
  • xxann5xxann5 Posts: 593
    Yes Valve has forced them to change there stance on sitting vs standing.

    I still have no idea what Oculu's issue was with standing. The only issue i could think was as that they where worried about legal repercussions from idiots injuring themselves. I figured once they had Facebook's legal army backing them they would loosen up on that.
  • Cant wait till i have the oculus rift and the omni
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    The home looks pretty sick!
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    Just wondering about something. Have anybody tried Omni and the rift for some time? I am wonder if there is going to be fog in the rift when using the omni for a while. Especially when playing lot of run games :smile:
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    Hi @Stigzy, I've used the Rift with the Omni for up to an hour at a time, and even when running have not noticed a build up of fog. It's possible it might happen if you've stored the HMD in a cold place beforehand. The cooler lenses might cause moisture to condense on them initially, but as soon as they warm up that should go away, or you can give them a wipe.
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    I was having major fogging problems with my Gear VR. DId some research and found a few people saying that these anti fog wipes worked very well. So I got them and it turns out they do. I am still using the first wipe, I have wipe the lenses every 3 to 4 uses or whenever they start to get fogged up. I am hoping the consumer HMD's fog a bit less.
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