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    Another one

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    and another

    I like the guy's enthusiasm.
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    Hey @xxann5, thanks for posting these!

    Once again I was honoured to take part in demonstrating the Omni at E3. This event was quite special, as I believe it's the first time Virtuix have publically demoed the VR equivalent of WASD - forwards, backwards and strafing side to side. I wish there was a video that shows these movements a little better, although if you take a look at the second video, I believe I was captured taking a step backwards at about 28 seconds in. There is no need to take consecutive steps backwards in Training Ops yet, but there is one point in the level where I successfully evaded getting hit by projectiles a few times by doing this. I think that's what I was doing here!

    Also, you can kind of see me taking several sidesteps to the left at about 1:55 in the same video. Here is the part of Training Ops where I was doing this:


    (BTW this is an old screen-grab. Training Ops has been re-skinned and is now visually more impressive)

    Previously, in forward only mode, I would often get hit by these projectiles, as physically rotating away to run around them meant taking my eye off the targets, which would stop me progressing. For the first time, with strafing enabled, I was able to keep my eyes on the targets, take them out one at a time, and if a projectile got too close I could quickly side-step to avoid it. Words cannot describe how satisfying this is! Sometimes I could take out all six targets without having to strafe, sometimes I would strafe but still get hit by a different projectile. The most fun I had was strafing, shooting the targets, and then having to avoid a volley of projectiles which involved strafing both left AND right! It would depend on how quickly I took out the targets (how accurate I was) and the timing of my emergence around that corner.

    It is harder to time than you might think. There is some real skill involved - You have to split your concentration between aiming and firing at the targets, and timing your strafe. It sounds easy, but when you're breathless, full of adrenaline, and holding a gun in front of you it's quite challenging (in a good way).

    My one critique would be that walking backwards was a little slow - I would like to be able to sprint backwards. However I'm told that's just the way it had been set up for this demo, and that the speed can be easily adjusted.

    The second big new introduction was the leaderboard. I don't want to give away the result of our competition, as I expect that will be mentioned in the next update. However, I can tell you that it made a huge difference to my experience on the Omni. It changed how I played the game. Before I would focus on being accurate, and was conscious of how I looked while using the Omni - that all changed.

    Prior to my first run with the leaderboard enabled, I thought I would take it easy, put in a decent time, and then just apply more effort when somebody beat it. On the contrary, as soon as the clock started I couldn't help but sprint through the whole level. As soon as it becomes a race, your competitive instinct takes over. The agony of defeat and the joy of victory - these are emotions you will experience on a whole new level with the Omni. Something about the physical exertion you put in seems to engage your will-to-win more powerfully than regular gaming. At least that's my opinion - I can't wait to see what everyone else thinks!
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    NP, posting stuff here is much more interesting than work :p

    Training ops sounds pretty sweet, cant wait to try it myself.
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    Hi guys, I just posted my E3 experience on Reddit. It's broadly similar to what I wrote above, but fleshed out a bit more, and it now includes the result of the leaderboard competition -
    Because I agree @xxann5, talking about VR never gets old :)
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