Early Pre-order Shipping Question

Hey guys!

So first off, I know the current "goal" is still by the end of this year to start shipping.
I know you can not give exact dates for obvious reasons (things happen)
I also know you can't see the future :)

With that said, I saw a post saying it would probably take a few months to get all the orders out to backers first, With that estimate, and the current "estimate" of when you think you can ship (and the fact they are being shipped in order of when people placed their orders).
Does it look even possible for someone who pre-orders (not backed) back in January, will get theirs shipping before 2016? Im fully aware of any answer given is a pure guess, and I would not take it as a "But this guy said" kind of thing. Im really just trying to figure my time schedule around getting this bad boy.
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