Which VR HMDs have you tried?

I'm curious to find out which HMDs the Virtuix community has gotten a chance to try? If you've gotten your hands on more than one, what's your favorite HMD so far?


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    I have the GearVR for my S6 its good but only having 3 degrees of tracking is limiting. I do have to say that "Hero Bound" is an awesome game. Think isometric Zelda in VR, it's awesome.

    And I have been watching SAO via Netflix with it, I figured if there was any show to watch in VR Netflix thats the one :p
  • Hero Bound sounds great! I haven't tried a game yet in VR that isn't first person. I think i'll need to check out that one.

    If you haven't tried it yet, I recommend Dreadhalls on Gear VR. Really fun stuff. It's also become an office favorite when playing it on the Omni. The Omni adds a whole new level of immersion, especially when you actually have to run for your life!
  • xxann5xxann5 Posts: 593
    I am actually waiting to play Dreadhalls with the Omni! I figured I will wait and go all in, in one go.

    With Hero Bound I was very impressed how well it worked, it being in 3rd person and all. Your looking down on each room moving your guy around. The camira does not change position you just move around where its pointing with your head. The only thing that ever made me stop playing is when the phone starts to throttle do to hitting its thermal limits. After that the 5 FPS and screen tearing make it unplayable :(
  • Excellent idea, you're going to love it! There's even a random map mode which adds a lot of replay value.

    I think I will definitely enjoy Hero Bound then. I really hope Samsung fixes those overheating issues in future versions, they have the best mobile VR I've seen to date.
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    I've personally tried only the Google Cardboard. It works, and the IR button magnet slide also has functionality, but sort of generally underwhelming as far as interactivity goes. The most fun I had was probably with the Roller Coaster simulators as well as the one dinosaur VR adventure, everything else was either wonky or altogether didn't work. It's worth noting that one of the biggest problems that Google Cardboard style VR faces is the lack of a pre-fit model for most phones, which causes lens distortion or overlap of the image.
  • @gleamingsands Google Cardboard is a surprisingly great experience with the right cardboard kit. I picked up this kit for my LG G3 and it works well, though it's not the most comfortable.

    I've mostly used it for the roller coaster simulators also. I did enjoy the Tuscany Dive demo as well, in case you haven't checked that one out. One tip that worked well for me is to close all other apps on the phone before starting a VR app. This seems to allow it to run more smoothly.
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    I think you're right, Google Cardboard is a great experience. I may have given the wrong impression of my opinion of google cardboard. It definitely works, and works well. Entry level VR couldn't be any cheaper or more convenient. In the future, it seems likely that phones might transcend themselves as simply mobile smart devices and move into the territory of amalgamated communication and augmented reality devices just based on my limited and somewhat basic experience with exploitative VR technology. Google Cardboard would still be my first choice to introduce someone to VR and it's possibilities given its exhibition potential.
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    My head has not had ANY HMD put over it--guess you could say I'm a VR virgin (ha! ha...).But seriously, I was tempted to try a Best Buy demo of Gear but I decided I'd hold off my first VR experience with Oculus CV1. Oculus and Omni should make for one hell of a first VR introduction for me.
  • @Sponge101 I've heard excellent things about the CV1, though I still haven't tried it myself. My first VR experience (not counting Nintendo's Virtual Boy) was with the DK2 and that blew me away. I can only imagine how much better it will be with the CV1's resolution and at 90 frames per second.
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    I'm really looking forward to trying any version of the Oculus. I recently invested in an I7 4790k and 980ti, so I'm really looking forward to how all this VR specific hardware fits together. Unfortunately the DK2 stopped selling before I caved in and tried to buy it. At least in the future it looks like people are going to be able to go to Gamestop and try out various HMDs, for now it's Google Cardboard or beta technology.
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    i think the best you can get is from the DK2, and do not expect a lot better from the CV1 or the Vive, so for the next 2 or 3 years, Vr helmet will not really take off.
    I see more potential (in sales) for Augmented reality , it is even possible that VR disappear in favour of AR.(that you can convert into VR with a simple cover).
    The only adavantage of CV1 release is that tons of DK2 will be avaialble on ebay for cheap. The risk is oculus stop supporting the DK2 with their SDK as they have done with the DK1.
  • I too personally see more potential in AR, but only because it has the ability to transcend simple entertainment value. I think AR could potentially change everything we do, everything we see. CAD design, 3d graphics, construction, work safety, vehicle repair. In contrast all VR can do is immerse me in an imaginary world. I would definitely be interested in trying the Hololens. Interestingly I see a huge potential for both platforms to be combined, they do essentially that same thing, one just requires additional tracking software.
  • xxann5xxann5 Posts: 593
    I agree that AR will eventually be more prominent than VR. I foresee AR being the next revolution that replaces the smart phone. When that will be..... no idea, but i bet it will be sooner then we think. However the tech is not quite there yet, at least nothing that is known to the public. So I think in the short term VR will have AR beat.

    @giroudf the DK2 is beat by the CV1 in every way possible. The screen however only has about 20% more pixels but that is such a small part of what makes the CV1 so much better than the DK2. In my opinion the most important improvements are the Optics, the ergonomics and the tracking. I recall them saying that the SDK will continue to support the DK2. This makes sense as they would not want to cripple the thousands of developers out there that may not get a CV1 right off the bat. In a year or two that will probably change. Which I for one think that ending support for sufficiently outdated hardware is a very good thing. Nothing can turn an SDK/API into a lovely pile of **** faster than having to support multiple specs that become increasingly incompatible. Don't get me wrong I am not saying they should stop supporting the DK2 just because it becomes X years old or because they release something new that they then want you to buy, that's a dick move. What I am saying is that you should drop support for old kit when supporting it starts to negatively impact the new kit.
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    Hey all.. just signed up to the forums now... I've been a bit fanboy on the omni since I first saw the kickstarter (haven't ordered one - am waiting till they start getting sent to backers before I order).

    I have used the DK1, the gearVR, and the olllld sc1000 (Dactyl Nightmare it was, ahh the old days)..

    can't wait for CR1 to come out - I have a list of things for my intended VR-supported-mid-life-crisis January next year, and the omni is the second purchase on my list :smiley:
  • Welcome to the forums @kzintzi
    I wish I could have tried Dactyl Nightmare. That looked like such a fun experience. A few devs have already recreated it for the DK2. It'd be an awesome game with the Omni - just imagine running along then all of a sudden being attacked by a Pteradactyl!

    For those that haven't seen Dactyl Nightmare before, here's a YT vid of some gameplay:
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    Ha, that sounds like something that could happen in Robinson: The Journey. Also, running and strafing through Dino-legs on the Omni would be really cool:

    I've tried a few different developer kits; now I'm ready for the consumer versions!
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