Shoe question - Width and Instep

I "won" the life lottery and ended up with feet that are both wide and with high insteps. The first one is normal, wide feet are wide feet. The second one, high instep, is pretty rare...but it can be a serious problem when it comes to footwear. It simply means that the central area of the foot, from bottom to top, is higher than with most people. It's not related to arches in any way -- folks with high arches and flat feet alike can have a high instep.

Because of the instep problem, there are some shoes I can't wear without serious pain, since it's akin to an adult trying to force a child's helmet onto their head. Rigid dress shoes and Vibram FiveFingers' rigid mesh are two examples of shoes that have given me problems. Boots also tend to cause grief due to rigidity. Sneakers tend to take months to truly break in. (and wear faster as a result of said breaking in) Bowling shoes the same.

So anyway, the question regarding your shoes -- are the tops flexible enough to be bearable for us few high instepped folks? (the pictures aren't promising, I have to admit)
And what about wide feet? It doesn't seem to be listed at all.


  • Hi @sarysa The Virtuix Omni shoes are more flexible than normal sneakers, that's how a size ten Omni shoe can accommodate a size 9 or size 11 foot size. So it's definitely possible that the shoe will work for you.
  • Fan47Fan47 Posts: 14

    Is this still accurate? That size 10 Omni shoes accommodate a range of (around) 9-11 and include wide feet?

    Thank you.
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