The Oculus and other HMDs will need small fans to vent humidity to prevent game play interruptions

The Oculus Rift and other HMDs will need small fans to vent humidity - I suggested this on the OR forum and hope something comes of it because I can already imagine people with the VO and other treadmills will likely have limited or frequent interruptions due to HMD fogging. I hope that the VO team if this is agreeable that they suggest this to other VR Makers/Leaders.


  • I have heard of this happening with the DK2. However, we use the DK2 at events demonstrating the Omni for several hours at a time, and the problem is actually pretty rare. I've read that it usually occurs while the lenses are cold when you first place the Rift on your face, however the fogging subsides after they adjust to the warmth of your face.

    It is interesting that the Gear VR Innovator edition has small fans to keep the lenses fog-free, however they took them out of the consumer version. I wonder if that will cause any problems.
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    I've used the DK2 with the Omni at multiple events for up to an hour at a time and I can only remember fogging happening once - at the beginning of a session. That indicates that it was simply the lenses being colder than the ambient temperature, causing condensation. As KellCam says, it's a rare occurrence and not something to worry about. You still need to clean the lenses occasionally - this is normal with HMD use. I think fans are unnecessary, and that's probably why they're not in the Gear VR consumer version.
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  • From a fog standpoint, it sounds like it's not a big problem; from a comfort standpoint, it might be. Since we're using the HMD with the Omni, we're generating more face/body heat than someone who is just sitting down; adding an internal fan that we can turn on or off would really help with long-tern usage.
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    hhmmmm. I think my problem with my Gear VR might be that my VR room is in the basement which is naturally fairly chilly (which is just the way i like it). Maybe I need an HMD pre-play heater lol..... any ideas on what to try?
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    Still the fogging does happen, some people perspire more than others and at this point I can only imagine what intense game play might do (extended periods of intense running for example) I hope some testing can be done - player with increased activity perspiring. Goggles/swim masks will fog up in a pool from facial humidity (the mask are warm in pools) I also work in a greenhouse, in the summer it gets extremely hot and the big fans automatically turn on to vent the humid air.. if the fans weren't on it would be dripping inside from the tunneled plastic bays. From my experience people wearing glasses with the OR tend to have fogging happen more consistently probably due to less air space in the HMD that gets heated quicker.
  • Just use an anti-fog spray like you'd use on ski goggles or a hockey visor. It simply adds a hydrophobic film to your lenses that will prevent fogging. Is there any reason why you couldn't do that?
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    @Eirhead I recently got some anti-fog wipes and they definitely help but I still eventually fog it up, maybe the ones i got are just not very good.
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    What @KellCam_Virtuix mentioned is exactly what my experience was with my DK2 kit. I was trying it out after I had already been working out a bit, and it fogged like crazy for about 15 minutes or so, but once I finally just put the things on and started playing I found that the fogging disappeared and hasn't come back.
    I think part of the issue is making sure that your face is dry as well. Otherwise as your sweat evaporates, it's going to get trapped inside the lens area and contribute to the fogging.
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