Adapters for dropping down the cable?

I'm planning to build a full VR room in my house once all this gear starts hitting mainstream next year. I'm planning on using the Oculus Rift CV and dropping the cables for it down from the roof to my Virtuix Omni. Is there going to be an adapter for the rift that will allow it to spin around and around in circles with me on the omni? I don't want to have to take it off every 10 minutes if I find I like to only do left turns in CS:Go for example. I've seen 360 degree HDMI adapters, but this would need to be able to spin the HDMI and usb in parallel as to not cause the cables to twist. Anybody know of anything?


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    There called slip rings. They even have HDMI slip rings. However before you get your hopes up I have never seen an HDMI slip ring that advertises anything over 1080p and not a single one advertises any kind of supported hertz value. I am not even sure it's technically possible to make one that can support the resolution and frequency needed by a HMD, regardless of cost. Even if it is technically possible you would need to have HDMI, USB and power built into a single slip ring. Having multiple slip rings is pointless as you would be right back where you started.

    All that being said the Omni folks have said many times that suspending the cable above you with some slack will be sufficient for all but the longest gaming sessions. I think if they were stopping and unwinding the cables every 10 min at trade shows someone would have pointed it out.

    As for only doing left turns I bet that even if you think your primarily doing left turns your ratio is probably closer too 1 to 1 than you think in all but the most extreme cases such as the Viennese Waltz simulator 2016, I recommend steering clear of that one :p
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    Anything is possible, and with an emerging market I can see innovation happening in slip-ring design. However the cable isn't a problem. Indeed it is not that often you need to uncoil it. You are far more likely to stop and take a natural break before it becomes an issue - unless of course it's a very long gaming session or for some reason there's a high instance of turning in the same direction.
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  • Thanks for the info on "Slip Rings". I don't think you'd need to worry about the slip ring supporting the current standards since the cable standard for HDMI 2.0 is the same for HDMI 1.4 is the same for HDMI 1.3. But ya, like you said, I want one that will do both HDMI and USB concurrently on the same ring. I'm hoping if there's nothing now, that there will be in 6 months. I'm really looking forward to all this.
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    @Eirhead the pinouts and port shape might be the same the the frequency is the issue. The higher the supported frame rate the higher the frequency requires running through the cable. The higher the frequency the more susceptible it is to noise, something slip rings are notorious for. Yes here is to hoping!
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