Anyone A Pathfinder?

If anyone is lucky enough (especially if your're the first Pathfinder to get an Omni) can you please share your initial experience with the Omni if it's not against any rules you agreed to that is. For example, what games you tested; whether you're experienced with HMD; did the experience feel real; how much did the Omni add to the expereience, etc.. Thanks.


  • Yeah, I'm curious who got pathfinder status. Love to hear!
  • @blazespinnaker. I think it has gotten to the point where myself, and others, have reached a point where we're clamoring for any scrap of information because we've been waiting for so long and finally we're seeing a possible delivery. However, I think we'll be doing this all over again when version 2 of the Omni is announced ;)
  • We will be notifying Pathfinders this week!
  • @KellCam_Virtuix. That's great! And since I found out Pathfinders are allowed to publicly discuss their experience with their Omnis, it looks like we may see some articles or maybe even videos of their early impression of the Omni very soon after delivery.
  • @Sponge101 Yes, we're excited to see videos of our Pathfinders enjoying their Omni and maybe some speedruns of TraVR: Training Ops!
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    I'm really looking forward to seeing other people's impressions of the Omni. I've been happily talking about my experiences at trade-shows for some time, but it will be encouraging for everyone to have corroborating reports that the Omni is as awesome as I've been saying it is!
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  • According to the latest official update on the 30th, the "First production units are currently being assembled, and at least one early unit will be delivered to our first Pathfinder participant in the next two weeks." So either now or within the next four days there will be a final, fully completed Omni (or Omnis) somewhere in the wild. I'm being a bit precise about this but it does mark an important moment in VR/Virtuix history.
  • Looks like we'll have to wait a bit longer as the latest update states, "The first Omni units have been shipped from China, and we are delivering our first Pathfinder unit next week." Nooooooo!!! Not another WEEK!!! (jk.) ;)
  • This is it guys: a customer is finally getting their Omni this week. Although we're still in low rate initial production, I really hope we get lucky and some nice Pathfinders will do an unboxing video. That would be awesome.
  • sutekiBsutekiB Posts: 1,069
    It's nearly here guys, the moment some of us have been waiting over two years for - the first Omni being delivered to someone's home. I'm working on something to celebrate this milestone. I'll keep you posted!
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  • sutekiBsutekiB Posts: 1,069
    Congratulations to Fred Wood, the first Pathfinder to receive his Omni! So guys, it's time for my announcement...

    I'm a Pathfinder too!

    Also, that something I've been working on to celebrate the delivery of the first Omni? Here it is:

    I figured this would make it easier to find any content I put out over the next few months. I hope you like it!
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  • @sutekiB. I KNEW IT!!! -- actually I didn't but I had a feeling... Congratulations. I'm looking forward to checking out the new site.
  • BTW, I'm gonna miss the old profile pic. -- you had the only one with an actual Omni in it :D
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    According to the Omni update on the 5th of January, "A new batch is on its way to the US for delivery next week," which is this week that is coming to an end. So besides the first Omni shipped to Fred, other people should have received their Omnis by now. However, there has been no impression/review by any of them which seems strange to me...
  • It can take awhile to get from China to the US.

    Delivery time

    The transit time from China to most locations in Europe and the United States is roughly 29 – 35 days. However, keep in mind that it can take a few days – sometimes up to a whole week – before your cargo is loaded in the port of loading in China. The same thing is true in the Port of Destination, it usually takes 2 – 3 days before your cargo is cleared and ready for pick up.

    Sea freight is indeed quite slow and this means that importing from China certainly requires a lot more long-term planning compared to domestic product purchases. This has also been a major cause for the recent surge in reshoring in Europe and the US. In general I recommend businesses to place an order at a minimum 3 months before they need the products in their warehouse.
  • Sponge101Sponge101 Posts: 477
    Hmm... interesting. I think I might have interpreted that quote wrong. I originally thought it meant that Omnis are being delivered this week but it could really mean that batch of Omnis are being shipped this week. Oh well.

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