Will Virtuix release or reveal what they used to optimize games with the Omni

Games like skyrim, fallout, and any first person shooter may be perfect for VR but they obviously weren't built for it so my question is, what software and/or hardware did you use to configure games to the Omni? It may not be the same software for each game but I was wondering if y'all are going to fill us in on what it is or even give it to us so that we can play almost any game we want to play. I realize that the Omni is plug and play for some games as advertised but for the games that don't quite mash up, what software do we need to make the transition from controller to feet more smooth?


  • xxann5xxann5 Posts: 593
    I am fairly sure they use they where just using http://www.vorpx.com to get the games to work with VR. Then using the Omni to emulate a keyboard or controller.

    I cant wait for the API to be released so we can start messing around with mod'ing games like Half-Life and Fallout 4 to utilize the more advanced features of the Omni.
  • Can confirm; we've used VorpX for several of our demos, most recently with Fallout 4. I wasn't on-site for demos with other AAA games, but for Fallout 4 it was just VorpX, some changes to the .ini files, and a powerful gaming PC. You may have to tone down the graphics on some games in order to achieve a 75+ framerate as games are typically designed for either 30 or 60 fps and in some instances will cap your framerate at these amounts.
  • You want 90 fps.
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