Omni Units are being shipped, soon the Path finder - How long until the SDK release?

Assuming the product is complete because some units have been shipped to customers, when can we get our SDK? Thanks.


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  • yes. will we get the game and assets to modify as well ?
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    I am very interested in getting my hands on the SDK. I have some ideas but i am not sure how feasible they are until I see the SDK.
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    I am from Windsor Ontario Canada across from Detroit , first do you deliver , how much , are you supporting vive 100 % .how much in total for everything shipped to my area ,or can you pick it up Detroit.
  • rushabsrushabs Posts: 5
    Is there a 1800 number for contact in company to confirm order

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    Hi @rushabs, yes they deliver to Canada. The Omni is agnostic of headsets, but in any case they are developing content that supports the Vive, so yes. The Omni package is $699 but that doesn't include shipping /taxes. There isn't a 1800 number so for more information regarding your order contact [email protected] Have a nice day :)
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