Dragon Ball Series

Let me first say that I'm a huge DB fan and a reoccurring exciting idea I have is the possible announcement that a DB game is coming to VR. I have no idea how a possible DB game would work with the Omni but there are prior examples. Dragon Ball Namek Experience VR was a very interesting experience that, unfortunately, I didn't get to try because it was taken down (probably by rights owner :'( ) but the notion of a non-interactive DB experience rather than an interactive one, does presents several routes the rights owner could take with the franchise beyond gaming (or with gaming). The second example is DB kinect -- let's just say I would expect better... everything if it does come to Oculus/vive with its touch/stick controller.

Imagine the chaos, nostalgia, and just plain over-the-top action of DB (energy blast/beam and all) in VR. I'm praying that somewhere in Japan right now the DB people are experimenting with VR and saying "We could make this work with VR." Anyways, just wanted to share this idea with you guys.
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