Activision Reportedly Buys MLG

If this turns out to be true then it's going to be very interesting for a lot of reasons. However, what I'm most interested in is its implication for VR: a chief executive of Activision just happens to be an advisor of Virtuix and this announcement just happens to be released days before the Omni multiplayer live debut. Coincidence? Maybe. What I'm hoping (as was stated in a previous post) is the Omni will make the sport community pay attention and give our medium recognition as other major sports.


  • xxann5xxann5 Posts: 593
    O thats interesting, I know that Blizzard has been pulling out all the stops with eSprots the past year or two but i was not expecting that.

    I would LOVE to see the VR and the Omni in eSports compotitions. Not only would it be cool but i think it would have more of a draw.
  • Sponge101Sponge101 Posts: 477
    I agree. I've seen a few of those esport competitions and one of the biggest problem I have with them is the players and audience are separated by sound-proof glass. That's needed for obvious reasons but if you think about it other major sports that is not the case; there is (wanted or unwanted) avenue of acknowledgement between the players and audience during the actual athletic event itself. I'm hoping the Omni can break that barrier somehow.
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