Why do all Omni + Oculus mods lock looking and aiming? Would this idea work?

TomekTomek Posts: 76
edited January 2016 in Lounge
I was thinking, why can’t mods adjust the forwards and backwards speeds dynamically to match your Omni running, relative to where you are looking? So if you are running forward and looking right, then the mod would basically just be pressing A, rather than W. If you were looking slightly diagonally, then it would press both W and A, but set forward movement speed much lower than normal. Is this implemented into any games? I can imagine Fallout / Skyrim being able to do it with their highly modable nature. IIRC, there’s mods that change movements speed based on direction...


  • Yeah, mods for Fallout/Skyrim for the Omni are a good idea. I'll probably take a crack at them if no one else does. Other games it's sort of hard as they're not as moddable as Bethesda's stuff. Be good to take a step further and disconnect the head/gun/feet as well.
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