Scared about Omni shipping now

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Considering Oculus charged us Australians $132 USD for shipping, >$18 AUD, what can I expect from Virtuix? I remember they said ~$200 USD but it's a much bigger package than Oculus. I really hope they charge a fair price and not follow Oculus and go for $400 or some crazy figure like that.


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    I think they mentioned something about pickups, though I don't know about international. Where do you live in Australia?
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    This is a complicated question from what I read. According to the FAQ, the estimate is "Australia: $100-$250 with depot pick-up (" Not sure if there's a door delivery option available. But the bigger point is all of those prices are " current estimates of shipping costs," so they are not firm obligation by Virtuix to meet. And to top it all off there's something called "import duties and VAT" (which sounds like taxes) that may or may not be in effect in certain countries and we don't know what those prices are yet. All of this is happening in the back-drop of the same problem Oculus ran into: exchange rate and individual countries' taxes. The Aussie dollar is, last I checked, .70 for every US dollar; this is a common theme elsewhere as well. I don't know what Australia's taxes are so that will probably get added on the final price as well. Maybe you should contact Virtuix to see if they have any specifics relating to Australia shipping.

    What I'm planning on doing is to charge the cost to a cash-back credit card to at least get something back from whatever my final shipping cost is. Hope for the best :(
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    I knew knew some countries have import duties and/or VAT. I never realized how ridiculously expensive it was though. (I live in the states)
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    Yeah, me too but I really feel bad for those in certain countries where the final price for the Rift, and probably Omni as well, is so much more than ours.
  • xxann5xxann5 Posts: 593
    Yup, I here the rift will be over $1000 in Canada after it's all said and done. The price is upsetting enough without all those added costs.
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