What order number are you for the Rift?

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Wanted to compare order numbers; I ordered it within the first 5 minutes, so I should be getting mine in March.
Order #


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    Just a suggestion but I wouldn't go around giving way my order number. That is a key piece of info to scam you out of your Rift. I would suggest shorting it to [DELETED]xxxxx to be on the safe side. now to answer your question...

    Check out this reddit thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/oculus/comments/3zwhu0/order_number_to_shipping_date/

    Which links to a very well done google docs page: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1eYdWCMzk2QFZDct4IZPLBFD6ABsUauT1ZzmTum83ozk/edit?usp=sharing

    Since your unique number starts with 24 its highly likely that it will be shipped in march.
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    I'm sure Oculus has dealt with these type of cases before and have measures in place to verify the legit customer. That being said, I agree about not posting order number with that specificity to avoid any possible headache. As for shipment, mine's in April because I hesitated when I saw the price tag; a $600 surprise tends to do that.

    To be honest, I'm more excited about the Omni and now that Oculus has laid down firm shipment dates maybe Virtuix will surprise the VR community by doing so as well in the near future.
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    You would be VERY surprised what a practiced confident Asshole can get from a supporte person over the phone. Remember that very few companies have there own tech support call centers. Most call centers higher anyone that will work for minimum wage and can follow simple instructions. I have spent far to much time on the back end of trying fix or do something one of them fucked up. If you could not tell if a a bit on the jaded side :p and i am sure this is not the case for all of them but my experience....... well I will leave it at that.
  • I had thought about that, I suppose it's true. I should find a way to edit it, honestly not sure I can at this point. Still, woo 24.
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    @xxann5. Let's hope Oculus invested well in their customer support training and security.

    @gleamingsands. It might be a good idea to call Oculus and just tell them what happened and ask them to be on extra alert for any fraud, just in case.
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    @gleamingsands ask @sutekiB he may be able to do something for you.
  • I'm not exactly super worried about it; 48 views from fellow Omni enthusiasts doesn't really have me stressing too badly. @sutekiB You mind deleting the thread? Might as well, so it doesn't escalate.
    My buffoonery strikes again. Lol
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    @gleamingsands I'm sure you'll be fine, but I deleted your order # anyway.

    I was a bit late ordering mine, so I may have to wait a bit. I'll definitely be F5ing when the Vive is due to go on pre-order.
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    A lot of people are now saying the Vive is going to be more expensive than the Rift considering it includes two VR controllers and its new lighthouse tracking system; not to mention HTC isn't doing well financially so they can't afford to price the Vive at a huge discount, they need to make money on it. Maybe Valve will subsidize some of the cost but I wouldn't be surprised at a $1,000 pricetag on Feb. 29th.
  • Nope. All the nope. Nobody will buy it.
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